Saturday, February 2, 2008

Art Monk and Darrell Green Elected to NFL Football Hall of Fame

The Washington Redskins will be well represented in August as the NFL will enshrine Art Monk and Darrell Green into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Also voted in were New England linebacker Andre Tippett, San Diego/San Francisco defensive end Fred Dean, Minnesota/Denver tackle Gary Zimmerman and senior committee choice, Kansas City cornerback Emmitt Thomas. Art Monk was the one name that came up over and over, all around the NFL and in Syracuse where he played his college football for the Orange. In his 8th year of eligibility Monk was finally elected by the committee. Monk held records for most consecutive games with a reception (164) and career catches (820). For more on each inductee...CLICK HERE!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Santana and Mets Strike Deal!

It is now official...Johan Santana is a NY Met! Check out the news release from MLB.COM

NEW YORK -- An offseason that had been all about who wasn't on the Mets' roster has executed an about-face and now is distinctive because of who almost certainly will be. Unless Johan Santana flunks a physical this weekend, he soon will become the starting pitcher the Mets desperately had needed, as well as the wealthiest pitcher in the game.
A contract that will secure the latter distinction is in place. The Mets and Santana's representatives struck a deal Friday more than an hour after the original 5 p.m. ET deadline imposed by the league office Tuesday, when the Mets and Twins agreed to an exchange of players that, when completed, will recast projections for the 2008 National League East race and restore the Mets' image as a genuine contender.

Neither the value not the length of the contract is known, but executives in the game had said since early Friday afternoon that they expected Santana to have a contract through 2014 worth $139 million. That figure would reflect annual salaries averaging about $22 million and a signing bonus of about $7 million that would increase the 2008 earnings of the two-time American League Cy Young Award winner to about $20.25 million. The average annual value of the deal would be about $19,587,000.

The contractual agreement leaves the physical examination as the final hurdle before the Mets can link the Super Bowl and Super Tuesday with the addition of a superlative athlete who they hope will lead them in the World Series.

Santana was expected to have his physical this weekend or early next week at the latest.

The contract exceeds the value of the seven-year contract Barry Zito signed with the Giants 13 months ago and the $119 million the Mets agreed to pay Carlos Beltran from 2005-11.

Boy Goes To Hockey Game, Learns Love Hurts!

Saw this great video on of a little boy at a hockey game and they threw the Kiss Cam on him and he did what any young man would do...turned to the girl next to him and laid a kiss on her. In turn he found out a hard lesson...Love Hurts! She smacks the crap out of him! It's hilarious...isn't young love great! He will either be a future casanova or a loaner struggling through life, holding down jobs at convenient stores and buying cigs by collecting cans out of the trash. Does this little girl not know what she has done! Listen pal, let her go! Get her out of your head...move on! She isn't worth the hurt and heartache! Enjoy...

Lakers Trade Kwame Brown for Memphis' Pau Gasol

In a big time trade on Friday, the LA Lakers traded Kwame Brown to the Memphis Grizzlies for forward/center Pau Gasol. The Lakers will also receive the Grizzlies second round draft choice in 2010. In exchange Memphis also receives guard Javaris Crittenton, guard Aaron McKie (who the Lakers signed earlier today), the draft rights to Marc Gasol and first round picks in 2008 and 2010. This should make the Lakers contenders in the West and helps them get rid of the overpriced Brown. Kobe Bryant has got to be happy with this deal, doesn't he? This could be one of those trades that changes the playoff run for the Lakers and be a huge help in rebuilding the Grizzlies in future years. Gasol is a 7th year player out of Spain and averaging 18.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and 1.44 blocked shots per game this season. The 27 year old 7’0” forward/center has career averages of 18.8 points and 8.6 rebounds. Gasol was a 2006 NBA All-Star and 2001-02 NBA Rookie of the Year, Gasol also won a gold medal with Spain at the 2006 FIBA World Championships while being named tournament MVP.


What a story TE Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills has to tell! After suffering paralysis on a kickoff in the first game of the season, he is now walking and will attend Super Bowl XLII at the invitation of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He also has come out with a book depicting his experience and the fight of his life. The article below is from the Associated Press and well worth the read. If you have ever played this game called football, you know how violent it can be and you have to appreciate the way this young man has survived and fought to be able to walk on his own. Kudos go out as well to the Bills training staff for their quick action after training for such an incident. Everett is also set to appear on the Mike Tirico show on Friday. Scott VanPelt has talked about this and is excited about this interview more than any other they had coming up this week. Also at 8pm ET on Friday, ESPN2 has a special about his story.

Associated Press

CHICAGO -- Kevin Everett slowly unbuttons his suit jacket and sits down.

It hardly seems like a big deal, those three little buttons. For Everett, though, it is nothing short of amazing. Less than five months after the catastrophic collision that doctors said might leave him paralyzed -- or worse -- he is walking and slowly regaining full use of his hands.

Associated Press
With images of his autobiography, "Standing Tall" in the background, Bills TE Kevin Everett speaks about his recovery from a spinal cord injury suffered in Week 1.

"I'm happy people can know me like this," Everett said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press. "They can look at me and see what I've overcome and I'm still trying to overcome, and just see that life isn't that bad after all.

"It could be a whole lot worse."

The Buffalo Bills tight end was playing special teams when he tackled Domenik Hixon on the second-half kickoff Sept. 9. His helmet struck Hixon's helmet and shoulder pad, and he immediately fell face-down on the turf. He lay motionless for what seemed like hours as medical personnel worked on him and the crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium watched in silent horror.

His spinal-cord injury was so severe, orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino said the next day that Everett's chances of a full neurologic recovery were "bleak, dismal." It was unlikely he would ever walk again.

"He was just going off of past research on the injury. I couldn't expect him to say anything else but what he said because he didn't know the outcome. Nobody did," Everett said. "I was just hoping for the best. We were giving everybody the worst-case scenario."

Everett is telling the story of his accident and recovery, as well as its impact on everyone around him, in "Standing Tall: The Kevin Everett Story," which was written with Sam Carchidi and comes out Friday. Although his main goal in telling his story was to inspire others with spinal-cord injuries, he believes anyone can learn from it.

He and fiancee Wiande Moore are spending two days doing interviews before flying to the Super Bowl, courtesy of an invitation from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Moore said the couple will root for the New York Giants against the unbeaten New England Patriots because they're the underdogs.

As Everett has proven these last five months, never count out an underdog.

"I just saw it as a temporary little injury," he said. "It's not anything that's going to hold me back."

He is, though, trying to figure out where his life will take him next. Though he accepts he can no longer play and already is talking about coaching, there are times it's hard to realize his playing career is, indeed, over.

"I was so used to working out and being around my teammates, that's kind of hard," said Everett, who plans on making an appearance at the Bills' training camp this summer. "But I'll be OK. ... I don't see it as God picking on me or anything. I just see it as one door closes, another one's going to open.

"I just have to figure out what it is."

He is working with The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, and hopes to do more motivational speaking. Before the accident, he and a friend in Houston already had started a business selling special plastic sheets that prevent soap scum in showers, and he hopes to one day open a restaurant. And, of course, there is the wedding he and Moore are planning for the fall of 2009.

"It makes you complain less and be grateful for things you have on a daily basis," Moore said of lessons the couple has learned. "We take those who we love for granted. Sometimes, we forget to say, 'I love you,' every day. But it's the little things that matter. Because your life can go in an instant."

Three days after the accident, Everett already was moving his arms and legs, and doctors were backing off their dire predictions. On Sept. 21, he was transferred to Memorial Hermann/TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) in Houston. Though he had movement in his legs, he could do little more than shrug his shoulders. The big, strong athlete who only a few weeks earlier was a weightroom fiend couldn't even raise his hand.

"I have to be honest, in the beginning ... I was like, 'Wow, why did this happen to me?"' Everett said. "But I just prayed, and God just calmed me and let me accept it for what it was."

With Moore, and mother, Patricia Dugas, a constant presence, Everett attacked his rehabilitation. He had sessions with a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. He worked with a recreational therapist and did rehab in a pool. And there were no days off.

Every day, for at least five hours a day, Everett pushed himself to try to retrain his nerves and muscles to do tasks that were once second-nature.

"He woke up in the morning, and his therapy started," said Rafferty Laredo, his occupational therapist at Memorial Hermann. "He had a pretty full day."

It quickly paid off. A month after his accident, he took his first steps. Two weeks later, he could stand without assistance.

"We never had a doubt, from the moment they said he has a 5 percent chance of walking," Moore said.

By mid-November, Everett had made so much progress that doctors allowed him to do his rehab on an outpatient basis. Within a few weeks, Everett likely won't even have to make the three-times-a-week trip to the hospital. Instead, he'll do his rehab on his own with periodic checkups with the Memorial Hermann staff.

Though Everett seems to walk without any sign of trouble, even that task requires effort, said Dr. Teodoro Castillo, co-director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Memorial Hermann. Everett still has trouble with his balance and must constantly focus on the location and position of his feet. Castillo said it will be many months before Everett will even be able to try running again.

But it's his hands that still give him the most difficulty. Although he can again brush his hair, use utensils and hold a glass, his dexterity and fine-motor skills are nowhere near what they once were. His hands are numb, and he can't tell how hard he is gripping something.

That is something that might return with time and continued therapy. Or, it might not.

"You've just got to go with the flow, just like my whole recovery," he said. "It's a blessing if it does. And it's a blessing if it doesn't because I came this far, I can't ask for much more. I'm up, I'm moving around and walking."

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

SUPER BOWL XLII Preview and Prediction!

Apparently the New England Patriots take on the NY Giants in Super Bowl XLII live from Glendale, Arizona Sunday at 6:30pm on FOX. Well, I guess I should give you my pick and prediction for the big game. Looking at the Patriots, they obviously are going for the perfect season, which has only been done by the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Led by QB Tom Brady, they also look to become a dynasty by winning their 4th Super Bowl in 7 seasons. I think they have proven their worth on both sides of the ball and will look to get into nice weather and light of the scoreboard like they did early on in the season. As for the NY Giants, their remarkable run throughout the playoffs has been well documented. I think their strengths are their defense and their running attack. This team reminds me of the Steelers from 2 years ago in their run to Super Bowl XL. Eli Manning can win the game by not throwing it away. With good decisions and consistency, he could lead this team to a title. OK...time for the prediction...Giants win...34-27. Thats right, I said it! Their is more pressure on the Patriots and this Giants team reminds me also of the Patriots from 2000. They weren't supposed to beat the 16-2 St. Louis Rams. But they did. This could be the beginning of a great era in Giants history and the beginning of the end for the New England Patriots. Look, I know I could be completely off here, but I have debated and weighed everything...I truly believe that the Giants will win this game and will make a statement.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New England Patriots Media Day at Super Bowl XLII (Video)

The New England Patriots went thru Media Day at the Super Bowl and Tom Brady was proposed to...yeah...that's right...welcome to Super Bowl Media Day! The Patriots went thru the paces on Tuesday and answered all the questions the right way. Well, except Brady didn't say yes to the bride to be from a Mexican TV reporter, Inez Gomez-Mont. Tedy Bruschi went thru having his name mispelled on the placard. Tedy wasn't spelled wrong, but Bruschi was spelled Brushci.

NY Giants Media Day at Super Bowl XLII (Video)

The NY Giants went through Media Day on Tuesday at Super Bowl XLII and of course their was craziness all around. Besides the normal questions, they got the strange questions and requests, including former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler (singer of the hit song Red High Heels) Giants fullback Madison Hedgecock try on a pair of red high heels. WOW!!

Johan Santana Traded To The Mets!

The New York Mets acquired starting pitcher Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins in a trade that could down as one of the biggest trades in the history of the Mets organization. In return the Twins get outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra. But WAIT!...The Mets have just 3 days to sign Santana in order to satisfy his no trade clause. Look for the Mets to blow this somehow. They have the potential to sign one of the biggest pitching superstars of this era and they could easily screw this up and the Yankees then make a trade to get him. Wouldn't that be the best! If the Mets can get this done, they will have a legitimate stud in the rotation that will be a nice compliment to a team that needs some help in this area.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dana Jacobsen We Forgive You, But Not For Your Hairstyle!

Dana Jacobsen returned to First Take on ESPN2 on Monday after her suspension for comments she made at the Mike and Mike Roast earlier in January. During her return, she offered a heart felt apology. Dana, we forgive you for the words you chose to speak while drinking and for drinking straight from a vodka bottle. We forgive you for the things you did and said, however...we CAN NOT forgive you for your haircut! Maybe I am spending too much time reading my wife's celebrity blog (, but what the hell was she thinking! She has to get a real stylist on the job. Maybe the suits at ESPN are too busy paying for guys haircuts and forgot they have females working for them. Get a stylist that makes you look like a woman. Well, then again, she drinks like a sailor, looks like a sailor!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cat Fight In Steel City!

Has anyone been following all the drama in Pittsburgh surrounding the Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and WR Hines Ward? Apparently Ben was telling some girlfriends that he liked his men taller than what he's used too. Hines got upset because he thought they had something special and that Ben was being bitchy. Hines then called his girlfriends and said something mean, it was so like junior high school. There is a chance that Ben may want to change schools soon or bring in some other guy to dance with. I wish these two babies would talk and make things right, we all hate to see love go sour...come on you know you love each other...can't we all just get along? Your love is worth salvaging, isn't it? Maybe Ben is right, bring in someone taller...just to spice things might improve your might find your love grow.


Tiger Woods took control early in the week and held on as the weather changed to win by 8 strokes at the Buick Invitational. With this win, Tiger ties Arnold Palmer with 62 wins on the PGA Tour and moves him into 4th all time on the winners list. Rory Sabbatini had a great Sunday as he went from a tie for 21st to a tie for 3rd. Sabbatini wound up with an extra $260,000 for his -5 final round. Woods will be the early favorite for the US Open as the PGA returns to the Torrey Pines course in June.

"What he's going to do is screw the U.S. Open up for everyone else," Fred Couples said. "If he had shot 10 or 11 under, the USGA would have said, 'Well, maybe we have it in the right spot.' Now, they may have to regroup a little."

Woods still wasn't completely happy with his performance and will look to turn it up a notch when he returns. "I wanted to go out there and make no bogeys and shoot something under par," Woods said. "I got half of it right."

1 Tiger Woods -19 269 $936,000
2 Ryuji Imada -11 277 $561,600
T3 Stewart Cink -9 279 $301,600
T3 Rory Sabbatini -9 279 $301,600
5 Justin Leonard -7 281 $208,000
T6 Phil Mickelson -6 282 $180,700
T6 Joe Durant -6 282 $180,700
T8 Stuart Appleby -5 283 $150,800
T8 Fred Couples -5 283 $150,800
T8 John Senden -5 283 $150,800

New England Leaves For Super Bowl! VIDEO!

Here's the article from the Boston Globe as the New England Patriots left for the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona where they will face the NY Giants. ESPN is reporting that Tom Brady wasn't wearing the infamous boot he had on earlier in the week.

Fear not, Pats fans. Tom Brady is going to Arizona.

Brady’s voyage was never really in question, but thousands of Patriots fans saw the quarterback for themselves during a sendoff for the team this morning at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. The Patriots leave for Arizona today to prepare for Super Bowl XLII.

“We hear, ‘One game at a time,’” Governor Deval Patrick said as the first speaker to address the crowd. “Well, we got one game left. And we are all here to tell the best football team in America that the best fans in America are right behind them.”

Bill Belichcik also spoke to the crowd, but he had to wait a minute to start talking because the cheers were so loud.

“We certainly appreciate your support,” said Belichick. “You should know that you have a great group of players, and a great group of people standing behind me. No one’s given you more than this group of players. I’m sure they’ll give it to you again this week.”

Next came Brady, dressed in a pinstriped suit (without an overcoat) despite the snow falling on him and his teammates.

“Now this is the Foxborough faithful right here,” Brady said. “We could just play the game today.

“We’re going down there for one reason. The reason is to win and bring the trophy back to Foxborough.”

Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, and Junior Seau also addressed the crowd.


Povetkin Beats Chambers by Unanimous Decision

In an anticipated heavyweight eliminator bout, Alexnader Povetkin defeated Eddie Chambers by a unanimous decision as the two unbeaten challengers rose to the occasion to determine which fighter deserves the right to face Wladimir Klitschko as the mandatory challenger to the heavyweight championship. As the division closes in on a unification for the first time since 1999, these two fighters showed the kind of grit and determination that has long been called for within the division long dismissed by fight fans for the lighter, faster divisions. Still, it's the heavyweight division that has always held the eyes and hearts of American audiences as well as those abroad. And tonight, among a lively crowd of 4,000 plus, Alexander Povetkin put on enough of a show to stamp his passport into the next major fight, potentially against current champ, Wladimir Klitschko. While Eddie Chambers landed some clear, powerful shots, it was the busier, more determined Alexander Povetkin who convinced the judges at the end of the twelve rounds. Working harder and winning consistent rounds despite Chambers' accuracy and significant damage to Povetkin's face, Povetkin won a decision of 117-111, 119-109, 116-112 over the American.
Article and Pictures from! For More...Click Here!