Saturday, January 19, 2008

UNC, UCLA, Texas A&M All Lose In Men's NCAA TOP 25

Well it looks like the college basketball season has started to emulate the college football season, where upsets riddle the Top 25, as No.1 North Carolina, No.4 UCLA, No.9 Texas A&M, No.15 Ole Miss, and No. 16 Pitt all lost on Saturday. For North Carolina, the loss ends their unbeaten season and brings them back down to earth in the ACC. This reminds me of what we dealt with in football. The difference is in Hoops...we will settle it all on the court come March, while in football, teams are still crying they belonged in the BCS Title Game. As we get into the heart of these conference schedules, we will see more and more upsets. In the mean time, our HDTV's are being fully enjoyed with college hoops!
Here is the pregame info from "The Daily Tar Heel"...Always fun to read after they got it wrong!

Syracuse Loses To Villanova, Orange Turns To Pumpkins!

Syracuse lost what was basically a must win game at home to No. 21 Villanova 81-71. Syracuse went into halftime with a 35-30 lead but was outscored 51-36 in the second half and struggled from the floor only hitting 40% of their shots. Their defense held 'Nova to under 40% from the floor, but the Wildcats were able to hit on 5 more 3-pointers than Syracuse. What does this mean for the Orange? This doesn't sit well after losing 3 out of their last 4 and travelling to Georgetown on "Big Monday" on ESPN. Unless they want a repeat of last season, Syracuse is going to have to win these close games, especially at home and hopefully throw in a strong win on the road. We all learned last year that wins early on against weak Division I teams and a subpar conference schedule will not get you into the big dance. Let's hope the Orange beat the Hoyas Monday!

ANDY RODDICK Meltdown At Australian Open

Andy Roddick lost at the Australian Open...Ok...not a big fan of tennis, but love his meltdown during his loss. He goes off on the official, reminding us all of John McEnroe during his days on the court. I think tennis needs more of the McEnroe type! Makes things a lot more interesting for the average sports fan! Check out the video of his meltdown!

Top 25 Men's NCAA Basketball Games For Sat. January 19th

With no more football on Saturdays, we turn our HD TV's to the wonder that is College Basketball and the Top 25 as conference matchups heat up. In the Big 12, No. 3 Kansas looks to avenge their football teams loss as they travel to Missouri. In the Big East, Notre Dame is at No. 6 Georgetown as the Hoyas continue to rebound from their loss against Pitt last week while No. 21 Villanova goes to the Carrier Dome to take on a young Syracuse team that needs to stave off losing their 3rd out of 4 conference games. In the ACC, Maryland travels to No. 1 North Carolina as the Tar Heels look to stay unbeaten, while No. 23 Clemson travels to Cameron Indoor to face No. 5 Duke.

3:30 PM ET Maryland at No. 1 North Carolina
9:00 PM ET Southern Miss at No. 2 Memphis
8:00 PM ET No. 3 Kansas at Missouri
3:30 PM ET USC at No. 4 UCLA CBS
6:00 PM ET No. 23 Clemson at No. 5 Duke

12:00 PM ET Notre Dame at No. 6 Georgetown
3:30 PM ET Ohio State at No. 7 Tennessee CBS
4:00 PM ET No. 9 Texas A&M at Kansas State
7:00 PM ET No. 12 Butler at Youngstown State
1:00 PM ET LSU at No. 14 Vanderbilt
5:00 PM ET No. 15 Mississippi at Auburn
4:00 PM ET No. 16 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
9:00 PM ET Northwestern at No. 17 Wisconsin
8:00 PM ET Colorado at No. 19 Texas
8:00 PM ET No. 20 Xavier at George Washington
12:00 PM ET No. 21 Villanova at Syracuse
8:00 PM ET No. 24 Miami (FL) at North Carolina State
10:00 PM ET No. 25 Arizona State at Stanford

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Randy Moss Accused of Battery (VIDEO)

New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss has been accused of battery against someone he has known for over 11 years. This is the first incident of its kind for Moss since he has joined the Patriots during last year's free agency, however the timing isn't great as it comes days prior to the Patriots playing in the AFC Championship Game. Rachelle Washington of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has filed an order of protection against Moss in Broward County, Florida, but no charges have been filed against Moss at this time. Moss actually spoke to the press today and denied the accusations. "I want to make something clear, in my whole entire life of living, 30 years, I've never put my hand on one woman, physically or in an angry manner," Moss said. "So this battery that they're talking about, I guess from a legal standpoint there has to be something said." Moss also said that this "friend" tried to extort $600,000 dollars from him before going to the police. "All I know is that it was a friend of mine, a young lady. It was an accident where she hurt herself… to where they called me, called my attorneys trying to get X amount of dollars out of me and if we don't get X amount of dollars, we're going to go to the press before the game, before this game." To view a copy of the affadavit...Click Here

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PACMAN JONES...I'm Sorry Ms. Jackson!

Suspended Tennessee Titan Adam Pacman Jones is being accused of punching Wanda S. Jackson in the eye at a gentlemen's club, Body Tap Strip Club in the Atlanta area. Um...can't make this stuff up! According to Ms. Jackson, an attorney, she was at the club working on a divorce case. Again, can't make this up. Does she have a cubicle set up for guys there? Talk about prospecting. Ok, back to sucker punch expert PacMan Jones, he claims that the club was cheating him out of money and throwing around accusations about him and his posse. So, instead of making it rain, he decided to make it pour, in the form of a right hook to Ms. Jackson eye. Now, if you are not familiar, Jones enjoys strip clubs and that is what lead to NFL Commish Roger Goddell suspending him this past season. This reminds me of the Outkast song, I'm Sorry Miss Jackson, maybe if Jones sang this, she won't press charges.

NFC Championship Preview/Prediction Giants vs. Packers(VIDEO)

The NY Giants take on the Green Bay Packers Sunday at Lambeau Field at 6:30pm on Fox. This is a rematch of an earlier game in which the Packers won 35-13. What's changed since week 2? Eli Manning is making less mistakes, the Giants Defense is playing like studs, and the Giants have turned it up a notch as a team. The Packers have found a running game, Brett Favre has been...Brett Favre, and they have gained confidence each week. The Giants have taken the approach that the Steelers took 2 years ago. Run the ball, control the clock, play strong defense, and don't let your QB turn the ball over. It has worked the first two rounds of the playoffs and will work in this game as well. However, the Packers will keep enough distance between them and the Giants to win. Packers win, 27-24.

AFC Championship Preview/Prediction Chargers vs. Patriots(VIDEO)

The San Diego Chargers take on the New England Patriots Sunday at 3pm on CBS in the AFC Championship Game at Foxboro, Mass. in Gillette Stadium. The Chargers will be one week removed from an upset against the Colts and from injuries to QB Philip Rivers and RB LaDanian Tomlinson. Both are likely to play as well as TE Antonio Gates. The Patriots come in to the game looking to extend their unbeaten streak and head to the Super Bowl. In close games, the Patriots have a way of keeping their opponents close until early in the 3rd Quarter and then pulling away with a touchdown and then controlling the clock and before you know it, the game is over and they win again. The Chargers have turned things around since a rocky start to their season and the Norv Turner regime. Norv seems like a more emotional coach, but is still the same old Norv. Expect this game to be like all the other big games for the Patriots, they will control the clock and pull away in the 3rd Quarter and put it out of site in the 4th. Patriots win, 34-17.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

NY Giants Beat Cowboys, Advance To NFC Championship!

The NY Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas to advance to the NFC Championship Game next Sunday at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers on Fox. The Cowboys took a 14-7 lead but was outscored by the upstart Giants 14-3, as Eli Manning was able to come trhough in tough situations against a tough Cowboys Defense. The way the Cowboys ran and threw the ball on their first scoring drive it looked like the Cowboys would have their way with the Giants and be able to score at will. The Cowboys controlled just about every statistical category but had bad penalties and dropped passes at bad times during the game.

Steroids Now In The Music Industry and More...

LayDdee's Eyes On Entertainment: Steroids Now In The Music Industry and More...
The Steroids scandal has taken a weird turn as the Albany Times Union reports it now involves stars of the music industry...check out the story form and the gorgeous LayDdee!

UPSET IN INDY! Chargers Beat Colts!

In a upset, the San Diego Chargers beat the Indianapolis Colts 28-24 in Indianapolis. The Colts had 2 possessions at the end of the game to try to take the lead. Instead of trying to kick field goals, the Colts went for the win and lost the ball on downs each time, the first ending at the 5 yard line. Peyton Manning threw for 3 touchdowns, but had 2 picks to go with it. The Colts were my choice to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, but the AFC Championship will come down to the Chargers at New England next Sunday. Norv Turner actually looks more like a real Head Coach and justifies the Chargers firing of Marty Shottenheimer last season. The Chargers were able to win the game despite QB Philip Rivers and RB LaDanian Tomlinson on the sideline with injuries more most of the game.