Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yankees Carl Pavano Back...Yippee!

Yankees Pitcher Carl Pavano is back in pinstripes and ready for a glorious season...hack...cough...The 4 year $39.95Million bust was in Tampa at the Yankees spring training complex throwing and trying to add to his horrible 5-6 record over the previous 3 years with the Bronx Bombers. Pavano has been a bomb and a bust and is looking to come back after another injury that shortened his season. In the MLB, unlike the NFL, the players have guaranteed contracts and if Pavano can have a great season with the Yankees he will probably parlay that into another big contract. He is one of those guys you don't count on for the Yanks, but could be a big assest if he stays healthy. A lot of players seem to have break out years in the last year of a deal. I bet Derek Jeter introduced himself to Pavano, not even realizing that he has been on the team in the past. A-Rod probably ignored him and the young guns for the Yankees probably thought he was an off-season aquisition.


rcourious said...

This a truly worthless player with no heart we actually let Andy walk to let this waste in. I only hope he goes to the Soxs and has a decent year for them so we can hate this guy for eternity

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