Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Patriots DB Willie Andrews Medicates His Pain

Apparently, Patriots DB Willie Andrews decided the pain from the Super Bowl XLII loss to the Giants was too much to deal with, so he rolled a dubbie! Andrews was caught with pot, some of which was "hidden in his groin area". Let that sink in for a minute...just say no to groin flavored pot! Friends don't let friends smoke pot from the loin! I could go on all day! Andrews appeared in a Lowell, Mass. courtroom to answer to the charges on Tuesday and was released. The Patriots released the following statement "The conduct of our players is very important to the New England Patriots [team stats]. We are aware of the report regarding Willie Andrews, but will not comment publicly on pending legal matters. As is our policy, team discipline will be handled internally," the team stated. Willie, Willie, Willie...can't handle the loss...take a long nap, get into a hot tub, get a massage from one of those Asian massage parlors. And the collapse continues...

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