Thursday, January 10, 2008

UNC's Tyler Hansbrough Dunks Over 7'7" Kenny George(VIDEO)

Have you seen this video? UNC Tar Heels' Tyler Hansbrough dunks over 7'7", thats right 7 feet 7 inches, UNC-Asheville's Kenny George in the Tar Heels 93-81 victory. Hansbrough had the ball at the foul line and drove the lane moving to the side of George and then going to the hoop strong. This was a challenge Hansbrough and his teammates discussed before the game. "Everybody on the team is like, 'Who's going to try to dunk (on George)?"' Hansbrough said. "It definitely was in the back of my mind." George had this to say about the play, "I saw him coming to the basket. I just kept my hands straight up," George said. "I had him. I just forgot to jump. He jumped. I didn't jump. I should have known than a 6-10 player as athletic as him was able to jump over my hands even if I go straight up."

Well done Tyler! Now let's see who will try to duplicate the feat and get thrown two rows deep. George weighs 375 lbs. and he is a house! Check out the video below.


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