Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NY Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Preview/Predictions(VIDEO)

The NY Giants visit the Dallas Cowboys in a NFC Divisional Playoff game at 4:30pm on Sunday on Fox. The Giants are coming off an upset win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a tight game with the Patriots in the final week of the season where they have shown the football world that this team is a real contender. The Giants are 8-1 on the road and more importantly, Eli Manning is playing like a winner at QB. The Cowboys and Tony Romo are still unproven in the playoffs and Terrell Owens is questionable for the game with an ankle injury. And, will Jessica Simpson be there? Just saying! The Giants have to pressure the Cowboys, something they haven't done in either game this season. Manning will have to have the best game of his life, again. I think this Giant team is playing their best ball in awhile and their are too many questions surrounding the Cowboys. The Giants win 27-21.


Anonymous said...

How many times do we have to beat the Giants to be picked?

Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot that uses weak facts to support his prediction. Here is a breakdown of this guys position.

Giants are 8-1 on the road – Well that 1 was Dallas and they lost by 10
The combined record of the 8 teams that the Giants beat on the road 52-76 (.406). Not very good.
Was it really an upset that they beat Tampa? Tampa was the best team in the worst division. Giants are the 2nd best team in the best division.
“Eli Manning is playing like a winner”, really because prior to his last 2 games (giants went 1-1, when did .500 become a winner), Eli’s comp. % his previous 5 games was 45.4% with 4 TD-8 INT. This isn’t the play of a winner.
“Tony Romo is still unproven in the playoffs”, well he only played 1 game which they did lose, but what have Eli and the Giants proven in the playoffs at 1-2 over his career?
“TO is questionable in the game”, no he is not, he is playing.
“And will Jessica be there?” No she won’t but they are 2-1 when she is there if that really matters.
“The Giants have to pressure the Cowboys, something they haven't done in either game this season”, well that maybe because the Cowboys O-Line is better than the Giants D-Line. Maybe Romo’s elusiveness has something to do with it as well. Also, Dallas has sacked Eli 10 times this year, ouch!!
“Manning will have to have the game of his life”, well that’s a big gamble and he needs to do it without his 2nd biggest weapon, Shockey. Plus, Manning did have the game of his life against Dallas already this year in game #1(28-41 312yds. 4 tds. 1 int. 113 rating). Result Giants lost by 10.

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind as well. Dallas didn’t have Terry Glenn, 70 rec. 1047 yds. In 06’ for either game this year and were without T. Newman, their best cover corner and Pro Bowler the first game they played when Dallas allowed 35 pts. Oh and did I mention, NO SHOCKEY who had 12 catches the last time they played each other.

Dallas wins easy 38-17


Stump said...

Wow...Big Words for an "ANONYMOUS" person. I am not an idiot, my mommy tells me I am smart! HAHA! We will see my friend, we will see.

Stump said...

If the Cowboys beat the Giants a third time, who cares?

Anonymous said...

yes here is a good one espn-s
jeremy green say the giants have one of the worst corners pairs in the league and the giants have to put a lot of pressure on Romo to win which they did not in the last 3 games, Tony has won all 3, this is his upset special does he mean he will be upset when (the Cowboys win by at least 14? )

Anonymous said...

you guys are a bunch of dumbasses just wait untill ahmad bradshaw is running wild... AHMAD FREEKING BRADSHAW

droopy the dog throwed ese said...

cowboys are what i like to call americas most loved team and americas most hated team i really dont understand but it makes sense and there also hater heartbreaker cause cowboys are going all the way how bout them cowboys?

Anonymous said...

how do you guys feel now...big blue!

Jetboat4 said...

HA, Giants take it anonymous!!!! Now its you that looks like the idiot!

Packerbacker said...

and the dumbass!!

Krook said...

Fuck the cowgirls... haha




Krook said...

I still say the cowgirls suck big o' hairy sweaty balls... just like you chrisloks... at least you got something in common.... hahaha