Saturday, January 12, 2008

New TV Show "Moment of Truth" Wants Roger Clemens!

Have you seen the ads for this new show on TV, "Moment of Truth"? It's the ad where the "contestant" is hooked up to a lie detector machine and your wife says, "I should have you go on that show" and you throw the remote and storm upstairs...sorry...went somewhere...This new "Reality" show has reached out to Roger Clemens to appear. The show, premiering on January 23rd, has Clemens and Former Senator Larry Craig as people they would like to appear. According to Executive Producer Howard Schultz, "We're reaching out to them right now to see if they will do it," Schultz told reporters on a conference call yesterday. "This is something that can vindicate many people." How great would this be to see Clemes on soundstage with him being locked into a lie detector machine and the camera's on him. This would be so much better than him appearing before Congress. He thought bases loaded with no outs was a tough situation, this would make him really sweat!

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