Sunday, January 27, 2008

New England Leaves For Super Bowl! VIDEO!

Here's the article from the Boston Globe as the New England Patriots left for the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona where they will face the NY Giants. ESPN is reporting that Tom Brady wasn't wearing the infamous boot he had on earlier in the week.

Fear not, Pats fans. Tom Brady is going to Arizona.

Brady’s voyage was never really in question, but thousands of Patriots fans saw the quarterback for themselves during a sendoff for the team this morning at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. The Patriots leave for Arizona today to prepare for Super Bowl XLII.

“We hear, ‘One game at a time,’” Governor Deval Patrick said as the first speaker to address the crowd. “Well, we got one game left. And we are all here to tell the best football team in America that the best fans in America are right behind them.”

Bill Belichcik also spoke to the crowd, but he had to wait a minute to start talking because the cheers were so loud.

“We certainly appreciate your support,” said Belichick. “You should know that you have a great group of players, and a great group of people standing behind me. No one’s given you more than this group of players. I’m sure they’ll give it to you again this week.”

Next came Brady, dressed in a pinstriped suit (without an overcoat) despite the snow falling on him and his teammates.

“Now this is the Foxborough faithful right here,” Brady said. “We could just play the game today.

“We’re going down there for one reason. The reason is to win and bring the trophy back to Foxborough.”

Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, and Junior Seau also addressed the crowd.


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