Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Calgary Flames Center Craig Conroy Is Giants Fan!

Craig Conroy, center for the Calgary Flames, grew up in Potsdam, NY and had his choice of routing for three NFL Teams. "You either cheer for the Giants, the Jets or the Bills," explains Craig Conroy. "You pick a team and you live with it. Like growing up watching Hockey Night in Canada. We saw the Montreal games at home. So I hooked on to the Habs. Same with the Giants. They had Phil Simms then. And L.T.
"I was a big fan. I still am." Conroy is a legend around the small Northern NY town, where he played for Clarkson University and where his jersey hangs in local establishments. Now he gets to rout for his favorite football team as they head to Super Bowl XLII. "I think they can do it. I guess I might be the only one outside of the state of New York who thinks that way, but I do," says Conroy. "I think if they can hang in there early, they've got a chance. This is Eli (Manning)'s time. He's taken a lot of criticism there, and I see Tony Romo laughing after he throws that interception against the Giants. I mean, I don't want to see my quarterback laughing in a situation like that. Eli had a couple of poor throws (Sunday). You didn't see him laughing on the bench. He was p---ed. You look at Peyton's first three years. Eli's are better. Plus, Eli has to play in New York, with all the scrutiny and all the pressure. Indianapolis is no New York. If the Giants win on Sunday, people who were bashing him before will be asking 'Who's the best Manning?'" Good to know that this one athlete still cheers on his childhood NFL team.

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