Saturday, October 20, 2007


2004 Photo of Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey celebrating against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Week #7 kicks off Sunday at 1pm witha group of ...honestly...horrible games. Baltimore at Buffalo is a good game with the Bills coming off a bye week and the Ravens trying to prove their value in a tough AFC. Look for a tight game with the Bills offense coming around and their defense giving Kyle Boller fits. Bills 17-10. In the NFC, there's San Francisco at NY Giants. This should be a game that will determine contender or pretender. The 49ers come in at 3-3 off a bye week and can go in to Giants Stadium and serve notice to the surging Giants. Yea, right, not happening. Giants win 34-13. A 4pm game in the NFC is Chicago at Philadelphia. This also will let one team stand up and go to the front of the line and the other sit down and shut up. Look for the Bears defense to stiffen up after a horrible game last week. Bears 17-10.

**Denotes the Mud Free Sports Predicted Winner. Monday's game will be selected and posted Sunday.

(OPEN DATES: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego)
Baltimore at **Buffalo 1 p.m.
**Tampa Bay at Detroit 1 p.m.
Tennessee at **Houston 1 p.m.
**New England at Miami 1 p.m.
San Francisco at **NY Giants 1 p.m.
Atlanta at **New Orleans 1 p.m.
Arizona at **Washington 1 p.m.
NY Jets at **Cincinnati 4:05 p.m.
**Kansas City at Oakland 4:05 p.m.
**Chicago at Philadelphia 4:15 p.m.
Minnesota at **Dallas 4:15 p.m.
St. Louis at **Seattle 4:15 p.m.
**Pittsburgh at Denver 8:15 p.m. (NBC)
Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)

More Upsets Litter College Football's Top 25

This year a top 25 ranking put a target squarely on the back of all teams. The shake up continued today and tonight. The week started Thursday and hasn't let up today and tonight 4 games of top 25 teams are continuing with upsets still possible in all 4 including LSU losing right now to Auburn. We will have the new BCS numbers as soon as they come out, so bookmark our page and come back looking for the BCS Top 25.

I believe that this will lead to a playoff system. Read the following article I posted on earlier today.

In year's past, the fact that an odd number of teams had undefeated records going into the Bowl Games brought up controversy, upset fans, and people calling for a playoff system. Usually it was because there were undefeated national powers and an undefeated Mid-Major or a one loss national power. This year, we have a unique situation occuring. Few undefeated teams and the one national power that is undefeated, Ohio State, isn't the national power of years past and hasn't been tested until today.
We will have a number of quality one and two loss national powers that will be making noise for not making the national title game. This may be just what those of us need to have a playoff system implemented. The more schools affected by being excluded will do more to get those schools' presidents on board and start talking to the right people to make it all happen. Wouldn't you want to see a LSU vs. Rutgers in the first round of a playoff? Or Ohio State vs. Va. Tech? Or Cal vs. Missouri? This what we want, so let parity reign and bring on a playoff system.

Vanderbilt Upsets South Carolina!

Here we go again, first the #2 team in the BCS, South Florida, lost on Thursday. Now we have #6 South Carolina going down to Vanderbilt. Isn't Vandy the team who's Hoops benches on the endlines? Sorry, just wonderin. So the final was Vandy 17 South Carolina 6. Mackenzi Adams threw 2 touchdowns on the day for the Commodores. Vanderbilt hadn't beaten a team ranked this highly since topping No. 6 LSU, 7-6, in 1937. We could see major shake ups again and 2 loss teams in the BCS Final at this point. Does anyone want to play for the National Championship? Ball Coach Steve Spurrier must be spittin' mad!

Jeff Gordon Takes the Pole at Martinsville!

captured his 63rd Pole at a rainy Martinsville track on Friday in preparation for the Subway 500. Gordon will be looking to increase his points lead in the NEXTEL Chase For The Cup with only 5 races remaining. "I love Martinsville," Gordon said. "This is a track where ... we just hit on some things early on in my career and as much as some guys struggle here, it's quite the opposite for me. I just really like this track and when you like a track and you run well at a track, all you have to do is fine-tune your setup and make it better." Teammate Jimmie Johnson is only 68 points behind and is starting the race 3 spots back. If you like paint swapping and evasive driving, check out this race from the .526-mile circuit on Sunday at 1pm on ABC, live from Martinsville, Virginia. I like Kyle Busch to win this event on Sunday.

TOP 10/Chase Drivers
Pos. Driver
1. J. Gordon
2. M. Truex Jr.
3. K. Harvick
4. J. Johnson
5. K. Kahne
6. Ky. Busch
7. Dale Jr.
8. J.J. Yeley
9. J. McMurray
10. T. Raines
11. Ku. Busch
18. J. Burton
20. C. Edwards
21. C. Bowyer
24. M. Kenseth
30. D. Hamlin
34. T. Stewart


Saturday Night is Game 6 of the ALCS in Boston between the and Cleveland . This game features Curt Schilling vs. Fausto Carmona in a pitching duel that will be more about bullpens than starting pitching...Unless Schilling pulls something out...bloody sock, small farm animal or whatever he can come up with. Just as long as Eric Gagne isn't needed in relief, Boston should be fine. This looks to be another great game and I stay with my pick of the Red Sox winning the ALCS. Tonite...Red Sox win 7-5.


Here we go in another day of crazy football scenarios across this great country. Does anybody want to be in the top 5 for more than a week? We could see multiple top 5 teams lose again this week, with South Florida already losing on thursday to Rutgers. If your team is in the Top 25, you could see them in the BCS. EVERYBODY in the Top 25 has a legit shot of making the BCS. Last week I picked 3 outright winners with one upset and went 3-0. This week, let's see how we can do. First I like Ohio State to stay perfect against Michigan State. I think OSU loses this year, but not to this team. Ohio State 35-17. Secondly, Florida travels to Kentucky in a great SEC battle. Kentucky is coming off of the great upset of LSU last week and has some injuries, but their pride is still in tact and they will win this in a thriller. Kentucky 27-24. Let's head out west for our third game of the day to pick is #9 Cal visiting UCLA. Look for the Bruins to take command of the PAC-10 with a win. UCLA 41-31. Good luck to you and your team, think of me as I bite my nails hoping the 'Cuse can stave off Buffalo.


A new, 2 day poll is up and running for all you MudFreeSports readers. Vote on who YOU think is the toughest conference in . Is it the Big Ten, with Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State? How about the Pac 10 with ASU, USC, and UCLA? Hey you in the the SEC the best with LSU, Kentucky and Florida? Or maybe us Northeasterners think the Big East is king with Rutgers, South Florida, and West Virginia? The ACC is making noise with Boston College, Va. Tech, and Wake Forest. Or Big 12 your conference #1 with Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas? Tell us who you like and why and vote on the poll!

Update on Last Poll: Who would stay unbeaten, voters could vote on more than one team. Ohio State had 40%, but so did South Florida...Hawaii had 15%, Arizona State and Boston College had 10% each and Kansas didn't receive any votes. Thanks for your input!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Why are so many people hating the for giving their former manager, , a sub-par contract offer? Watch and listen to his news conference from Friday and you will know why...class. Did he bash Brian Cashman who got the players that couldn't perform? No. Did he attack the Boss for his way of leadership? No. Did he complain about players that didn't hit and pitch when needed? No. That's classy. Joe showed the world and a generation of Yankee fans how to handle a tough situation and handle it with dignity and grace. He knew what the offer was from George and the boys, and wanted to look in their eyes to get a feel for where he really stood. I respect that. Maybe there isn't a place for Joe Torre on the team any longer, but there will always be a place in the heart of the Yankee fan and the memories of a generation. To borrow a phrase from Ron Burgundy, Stay Classy Joe Torre!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Another day, another college football upset of a top 5 team. went into Picataway, NJ and lost 30-27. The team is now back in the hunt for the Big East Title and a shot at a BCS Bowl game, something they missed out on last season. was the stud again against the Bulls, running for 181 yards. Last year he ran for 202 yards against South Florida. I think that these Thursday Night and Friday Night games for the Big East and the success of most every team besides Syracuse has made the Big East one of the top conferences in NCAA Football. Look for that to be our poll starting Friday, which Conference is the best in all the land. What do you think? Say it loud, say it proud! I don't think the Big East is THE best, but is darn good especially since all the "experts" called it dead just a few years back.


In a backhanded contract offer to manager , the and George Steinbrenner offered Torre a one year contract at $5million with incentives that would push it to $8million with a World Series appearance. Torre rejected the offer, based on....? It was a crappy deal, for him. Look, as a Yankee fan, its all about the big games and Torre knew that when he took the job. The Yankees haven't been back to the World Series since 2004 and haven't won since 2000. In the Yankees world of big salaries and superstar players, that isn't acceptable. World Series appearances are what pays those big bills and the sharing of money with all other teams in the MLB. With the number of young players coming up through the system, number of free agents, and the new stadium opening in 2009 this was the right time and the right offer. I liked Torre as a manager, but I liked Buck Showalter too. The fact remains when the playoffs came around you couldn't count on the players showing up, and thats the managers fault. Will I miss Joe Torre? Yes, but only until the new manager starts winning.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indians Vs. Red Sox: GAME 5 ALCS

Here we go peeps! Beckett against C.C.? This is a great matchup for Game 5. This is where the can clinch and move on to the World Series to face the Colorado Rockies or the can send the action back to Boston for Game 6. I am impressed with the Indians, especially at home, but don't know if I would bet against Josh Beckett in a big game. Look for Beckett to throw a nearly perfect game, yea, thats right I said it. No more than 2 runs and 5 hits over 7 innings for him and maybe even a shutout deep into the game. This could be one of those pitchers duels that we dream of in playoff games. Red Sox win game 5......4-2.


According to the movie playing out in my head, I see the delay in making a decision about Joe as a positive for Torre and his supporters. I believe they are making every effort to put together a plan that would allow Torre to retire and remain a Yankee forever, while looking to the future of the organization as well. Look for Joe Girardi to take an active role on the Yankee bench so the Yankee brass can see who the players begin to relate to, either Girardi or Don Mattingly. Today, GM Brian Cashman made this statement while leaving the Yankee's compound in Tampa. "We hold Joe Torre in the highest regard and obviously that's why we are taking the time, and this process is in place to decide what's best moving forward," he said.

In regards to Alex Rodriguez, I believe he may be waiting to see what happens with Joe Torre, but will most likely leave no matter what. There are too many "greener pastures" out there and he is a money cow. Cashman told reporters today that the Yankee's stance on A-Rod remains the same. "If Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract, we will not participate in his free agency. That is accurate and that is definitive." Are you sure about that? Don't beat around the bush! What are you really trying to say to us? WOW! Accurate and definitive. Is that like certain college coaches saying they are not interested in positions before eventually taking said position? Not here, not with the . There is no way I see A-Rod's agent Scott Boras settling for the current contract structure, no way no how.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We had some shuffling going on this week in the Power Rankings and we know for sure we will have movement after this week's games. The biggest surprise may be the San Diego Chargers at 3-3 jumping in at #10. But they seem like they are starting to put everything together and when they get moving, they are hard to stop. This weeks big game is the Monday Nighter with Indy visiting Jacksonville on ESPN. Look for my picks on Monday!! I know some aren't believers in the Packers, but until they show me something horrible, I am still putting them up top (with a bye this week they should remain high in the top 10).

10. San Diego Chargers - Last year they started out fast and finished bad, this year...looking like they are trying to reverse their fortunes and finish better than they started.
9. NY Giants - Good game against Atlanta following a good game against the Eagles. Looks like they are starting to come together. MNF reported Coach Tom Coughlin has tried changing things up including meeting with "Leadership Council" from the team to be able to air concerns. Looks like its working!
8. Baltimore Ravens - um....yea...they are 4-2. Not really sure about this team. Game against Buffalo after the Bills off week should tell us all we need to know....oh Kyle Boller starts this week...yawn...
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - In a topsy turvy NFC, the Bucs look as good as any to take the top spot and run with it. Big three games coming up on their schedule and could bump their record up to 7-2.
6. Dallas Cowboys - They didn't lose, they got BEAT by the Patriots. Until we know how bad the Patriots beat everyone else, this isn't that bad, and hey, different conference.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - This Monday will tell us if they belong in the top 5.
4. Green Bay Packers - I still believe...should I sing?? I have bought this story hook, line, and sinker. Brett Favre looks have his age out there.
3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Last time they went on the road, they lost. Now two road games in a row, including Sunday Night against the Broncos. They have to win convincingly in order to continue being an "elite" team.
2. Indianapolis Colts - Still one of the top teams and we will see what they are made of on the road against Jacksonville. For right now they hold onto and have earned the #2 spot.
1. New England Patriots - I know...hard choice. Their game Sunday against the Cowboys should be given to every person looking to become US Citizen's.


The Colorado Rockies swept clean the NLCS last night beating the Diamondbacks on the back of Matt Holliday's MVP performance. I told ya. Rockies were gonna win this series. Look for the Red Sox to come back, even though I would love the Indians to win. But an Indians vs. Rockies World Series would suck. Right? No fun. Congrats Rockies...what a streak 21 out of 22 games and 7 games straight in the playoffs to start off.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cleveland Beats Boston Leads ALCS 2-1

The Cleveland broke the deadlocked ALCS by taking game 3 at Jacobs Field against the Boston , 4-2. Daisuke Matsuzaka, the much heralded pitcher from Japan, threw his "Gyro Ball" but couldn't find the command he needed as he went 4 2/3 innings and gave up all 4 runs. Kenny Lofton again provided the fireworks for the Cleveland Indians, hitting a 2 run shot into the right field bleachers in the 2nd inning. Jake Westbrook got the win for Cleveland. The Indians held Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz to just 2 hits on the night. Game 4 is tomorrow with Paul Byrd facing Tim Wakefield. Look for the Indians to remain unbeatable at home and head to the World Series. As we saw against the Yankees, the Indians will use locusts, canadian soldiers, small farm animals, and/or vaseline if need be to get the win. As a Yankee fan, I enjoy anytime that the Red Sox go down, but am surprised at the turn of events in this series. GO INDIANS!


The take on the Atlanta in one of the least anticipated matchups of the Monday Night schedule. Well, don't look now but Miami takes on Pittsburgh on Nov. 26 and then New Orleans takes on these same Falcons on Dec. 10. Wow, talk about bad luck on the scheduling side. doesn't even have the game featured on their front page. Ok, back to the game. As long as Algie Crumpler gets me my fantasy points, I don't care to see much of this one. This should be a game in which the Giants prove the game last week against the Eagles was not a fluke defensively. With the Cowboys losing last night, the Giants can close the gap in the NFC East and prove to be a contender in the NFC. Or, the Falcons could shock us all and throw some offense up on the board and prove that the Michael Vick incident is behind them and they have moved on. Fat Chance! Giants 24-3.


The Rockies look to sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight as they host the NLCS in Denver. This series should end tonite, the Rockies are too hot and the Diamondbacks are just not able to match the youth and enthusiasm of Colorado. Bad news for TBS though, as they have had minimum amount of games, except for the Indians/Yankees series.

In the ALCS, the Boston take on the in Cleveland. With the series tied @ 1-1, the Indians try to capitalize on breaking home field advantage in game 2. I think the Indians take game 3 to take a 2-1 lead and with momentum on their side.


Hey all, I posted the NCAA Football Coaches Poll is the POLL....the one that REALLY matters. Here is the preseason TOP 10, oh how things have changed. Is it for the better or worse?? Is a surprise team like South Florida better to have at #2 then LSU?? I kind of like it the way it is, I believe it means a Playoff System is closer to being a reality this way! Look for LSU to jump up in the poll, their schedule combined with CPU % adds up to finishing higher if they run the table. Plus, can't see OSU staying perfect.

Preseason Top 10
1. USC
2. LSU
3. Michigan
4. West Virginia
5. Wisconsin
6. Va. Tech
7. Florida
8. Texas
9. Louisville
10. Oklahoma

BCS October 14, 2007
1. Ohio State
2. South Florida
3. Boston College
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma
6. South Carolina
7. Kentucky
8. Arizona State
9. West Virginia
10. Oregon
11. Va. Tech
12. Cal
13. Kansas
14. USC
15. Florida
16. Missouri
17. Auburn
18. Hawaii
19. Virginia
20. Georgia
21. Tennessee
22. Texas
23. Cincinnati
24. Texas Tech
25. Michigan

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week #6 NFL Wrap Up

Another Sunday in the has come and is almost gone and we found out a few things. First, the Dolphins may never win this year! Second, those fantasy players that drafted Larry Johnson finally had something to cheer about, thirdly, Adrian Petersen may have just won Rookie of the Year. Finally, NEW ENGLAND is incredible! They put a throttling on the Cowboys and proved themselves worthy of their #1 power ranking, beating Dallas 48-27. Already people are clamoring about their Week 9 game at Indianapolis, Week 13 at Baltimore and Week 14 home vs. the Steelers.

(OPEN DATES: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco)
St. Louis 3 Baltimore 22
Minnesota 34 Chicago 31
Miami 31 Cleveland 41
Washington 14 Green Bay 17
Houston 17 Jacksonville 37
Cincinnati 20 Kansas City 27
Philadelphia 16 NY Jets 9
Tennessee 10 Tampa Bay 13
Carolina 25 Arizona 10
New England 48 at Dallas 27
Oakland 14 San Diego 28
New Orleans 28 Seattle 17
NY Giants at Atlanta 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)


USA TODAY Released the for October 14 2007. The University took over the #1 Position and Boston College and South Florida move up to #2 and #3, Oklahoma moved up one to #4 while LSU dropped down to #5. The great thing is we don't have to wait until Saturday to see some movement. South Florida takes on Rutgers on thursday night on ESPN. That will not only help shape the Top 25 and BCS Rankings but also the Big East Championship. Make sure you check out our latest poll, who will remain unbeaten? Located on the right margin of our website!
1. Ohio State (56) 7-0
2. Boston College (1) 7-0
3. South Florida (3) 6-0
4. Oklahoma 6-1
5. LSU 6-1
6. Oregon 5-1
7. West Virginia 5-1
8. South Carolina 6-1
9. (tie) Southern California 5-1
9. (tie) California 5-1
11. Virginia Tech 6-1
12. Arizona State 7-0
13. Kentucky 6-1
14. Florida 4-2
15. Kansas 6-0
16. Hawaii 7-0
17. Missouri 5-1
18. Texas 5-2
19.Auburn 5-2
20. Georgia 5-2
21. Texas Tech 6-1
22. Tennessee 4-2
23. Cincinnati 6-1
24.Virginia 6-1
25. Penn State 5-2

Jeff Gordon Wins! Takes Control of Chase For The Cup!

, the love 'em or hate 'em driver of the Nextel Cup Series in , took the checkered flag despite car troubles and the concern on whether he would even have enough fuel to finish the race. "Just an incredible day for the team," Gordon said. "We needed to get to the finish. We had such a hard time getting to the finish, whether we were wrecking or having a mechanical problem." Not only did he get to the finish line in 1st, he also widened his lead in the Chase for the Cup standings to 68 pts. and Clint Boyer is the driver to watch as he is hovering close to the top.
1 Jeff Gordon 5880 Leader
2 Jimmie Johnson 5812 -68
3 Clint Bowyer 5802 -78
4 Tony Stewart 5682 -198
5 Carl Edwards 5640 -240
6 Kyle Busch 5600 -280
7 Kurt Busch 5565 -315
8 Kevin Harvick 5552 -328
9 Denny Hamlin 5531 -349
10 Jeff Burton 5514 -366
11 Martin Truex Jr. 5502 -378
12. Matt Kenseth 5438 -442

Indians Beat Red Sox, Yankees Make Changes!

The exploded for 7 runs in the 11th inning to take control of the game and tie up the series at a game a piece. The series resumes Monday in Cleveland.

The have announced that George Steinbrenner's sons, Hank and Hal, have taken over control of the organization and will be making decisions on who will manage and what free agents will be resigned, including A-Rod. Hank already told the NY POST that Rookie reliever Joba Chamberlain will be reborn as astarter next season. "That's something I'll insist on," said Hank.

According to ESPN, Dusty Baker has been hired to manage the Cincinnati Reds. Why not Bobby Valentine? hahaha.... baseball needs a personaliy like that back in the game.