Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oregon State UPSETS #2 CAL!

WOW....the #2 team in the country, lost to 31-28. This comes on the heals of #1 LSU losing to Kentucky. This has been one of the wildest seasons in recent memory! South Florida may jump ahead of everybody with a convincing win against Central Florida. I forsee Ohio State at #1, followed by South Florida, Boston College at #3, and Oklahoma at #4. This is only the second weekend in October and we still have great games coming in the upcoming weeks. Who will have the best chance to stay unbeaten? So many questions yet to be answered. I already am looking forward to the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, but who knows if OSU will even be undefeated then? Hold on to your seats!


In a major upset, lost to 43-37 in a battle in Lexington that went 3 Overtimes after Colt David missed a 57 yard field goal at the end of regulation. This game went back and forth with LSU seeing leads fall away with Kentucky tying it up late in the 4th Quarter. The game ended when LSU ran it up the middle twice to end the game trying to get a first down. When it became obvious that Kentucky had won the fans stormed the field and the goalposts were taken down by school officials. This comes on the heels of USC losing last week to Stanford. The Oklahoma vs Missouri game becomes a bigger game on the national scene now.


(photo courtesy of
Are their any other games in the on this week besides the Dallas hosting the New England ? Theres a few that will help shape the future for a few teams. Look at Washington at Green Bay as an important NFC Matchup. Also, Miami may not have any chances left to win after this week. I think Cleveland will win, but if the Dolphins don't win Sunday, it could be a long year. Just a thought, Miami could be winless and the Patriots undefeated on December 23rd, and we all know how the Dolphins feel about their winless season and making sure noone matches it. Anyways, the big game on Sunday. I like the Patriots to win, but the Cowboys are going to show you, me, and the rest of the football world what they are made of. After Tony Romo's horrible 6 turnover performance on Monday Night against the Bills, I expect him to come back strong. Patriots 34 Cowboys 28

(OPEN DATES: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco)
St. Louis at Baltimore 1 p.m.
Minnesota at Chicago 1 p.m.
Miami at Cleveland 1 p.m.
Washington at Green Bay 1 p.m.
Houston at Jacksonville 1 p.m.
Cincinnati at Kansas City 1 p.m.
Philadelphia at NY Jets 1 p.m.
Tennessee at Tampa Bay 1 p.m.
Carolina at Arizona 4:05 p.m.
New England at Dallas 4:15 p.m.*
Oakland at San Diego 4:15 p.m.
New Orleans at Seattle 8:15 p.m. (NBC)
NY Giants at Atlanta 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Red Sox and Rockies Win!

What a great night for baseball. In the ALCS, Josh Beckett of the pitched just 85 pitches and got the win vs. the , 10-3, to take a 1-0 game lead. I said yesterday to watch David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez have big series. The two sluggers reached base all 10 times they were up. Todays matchup between Schilling and Carmona becomes a vital one if the Indians plan to stay in the series. Can Schilling bring back the magic from '04? In the NLCS, the are living the dream, going 19-1 in their last 20 games, and winning 5 straight in the playoffs, beating the 3-2 in 11 innings to go up 2-0 before they even go home. I may have to change my prediction to a Rockies sweep the way this team is playing. The NLCS resumes tomorrow in Denver. NOTE: If the Rockies make the World Series, Denver could host Game 5 and a Monday Night Football game between the Broncos and Packers.


( team practicing, courtesy of the Post-Standard)

Midnight Madness started the season last night. It wasn't like the old days when it actually started at midnight. The NCAA told teams they can start at 7pm local time, so college students could study and wouldn't be out so late. 7pm is perfect, start the party early then be able to leave & party a lot more! The NCAA was using their collective heads again. Anyway, ESPNU covered a lot of the festivities and its nice to have the excitement of hoops back. ESPN's Jay Bilas released hi top 5 last night. He has , , , , . I personally can't wait for the Syracuse Orange to take the floor. A lot of people are comparing their recruiting class to the Fab Five at Michigan. They have a lot to prove after missing the NCAA's last year. Who's your favorite men's hoop team? How do you think they are going to fair?

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, its not anything like last weeks matchups, but if you dig deep you can see some great conference battles and Top 25 teams taking on some tough teams with upsets on their minds. The weekend really kicks off tonite with Hawaii taking on San Jose State. This is the opportunity for most of America to see Colt Brennan without having to chug down Red Bull to stay up and watch. There's two games that intrigue me on Saturday. The first game to sit down and enjoy is No. 1 LSU at No. 18 Kentucky, 3:30 p.m. The Tigers are coming off a scare against Florida and the Wildcats are coming off a loss 10 days ago against South Carolina. I like the Kentucky Wildcats to get into a groove early and keep their fans behind them limiting LSU to throwing the ball and letting the Kentucky Defense come up with big plays down the stretch. Kentucky 23, LSU 20. The second game to get glued to is No. 5 Oklahoma vs. No. 11 Missouri, 6:30 p.m. Did anyone outside the state of Missouri realize they are undeafeted? Who knew, who cares. Look for the Sooners to run all over Missouri and take control of the Little 12, ahem, Big 12! Oklahoma 35 Missouri 13. For those of you that like car wrecks, check out Syracuse taking on Rutgers in the Carrier Dome. They may have 25,000 people show up and make no noise. Sorry, big 'Cuse fan here, and I am in therapy now. Rutgers 45 Syracuse 9. Enjoy.


Here we are on the verge of the ALCS to start on Fox in a best of seven series. CC Sabathia and Josh Beckett start off a great pitchers duel and that carries over to the 2nd game with Curt Shilling taking on Fausto Carmona. With the great hitting bats of the Indians and the power of the Red Sox, it will be interesting to see if hitting or pitching wins out in this series. I have a tendency to go against the Red Sox, being a Yankee fan. I was also impressed with the pitching in the ALDS against New York by the Indians. So, its a toss up to me, but I will go with the Red Sox in 7. I think David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez will be the wildcards that will break an otherwise deadlocked series. Look for Big Papi to make some trips around the bases.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Joe Torre and Yankee Owner George Steinbrenner will have a sitdown next week to discuss the manager's future, according to the AP. Their meeting will take place after George and the rest of the braintrust first discuss what to do with the New York legend. Today on ESPN Radio, Hall of Fame Writer Peter Gammons said that he believes Torre will be signed to a lifetime deal that will call for him to manage 2 more years, which includes the first year in the "New Yankee Stadium". After that, Torre would move into the front office or broadcast booth and allow Don Mattingly to take over. That would allow the Yankees to save face with their fans and allow Torre to continue to help develop young players that came up this year. Also, Mariano Rivera spoke out earlier this week and said that whatever happens with Torre will effect his free agent status. David Ortiz, the slugger from the arch-rival Red Sox wanted to add his opinion on the situation. "Every organization is like a human body. It has a head that if you mess with it, it just goes down," Ortiz said. "Joe Torre is the head of that organization. He's one of the best managers in baseball. You've got to have a good head to keep the body together like that."
Ortiz went on to say how much respect Torre deserves. "Even if they got knocked out, you've got to give him credit for that. You've definitely got to give the man respect," Ortiz said. "If he doesn't go back to the Yankees, they're going to feel that next year somewhere. This guy knows what he's doing." The fact the moving has been put off until next week tells me that cooler heads will prevail and I believe the right move for the Yankees, Torre, the players and the fans will be made


Ryan Newman captured the pole for Saturday Night's Bank of America 500 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Chase for the Cup Leader Jeff Gordon sits in the #4 position. Unlike last week, Toyota didn't show well in qualifying. Michael Waltrip was the top Toyota driver in the 19th position. Dale Earnhardt Jr. qualified in the middle of the pack at 22 in his Budweiser #8. There are only 6 races left in the Chase and also for Junior as a part of DEI Racing. His pit crew chief has already left DEI so look for an interesting situation in Junior's pits down the stretch. Tony Stewart starts the race in 29th position, but look for him to come up thru the pack and make a run in the top 5 and possibly pull out the win.


Tonight starts the NLCS featuring the vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is a matchup not anticipated by many fans and experts, especially those of us on the East Coast. What a great surprise the Rockies have been. The way they won down the stretch and then to go to Philly and take the first two games on the road makes them the clear favorite in my movie. I like the Rockies to win the best of seven series in 6 games. They have the heart of champions and so much youth they don't know they shouldn't be here. Rockies in 6.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MLB Ratings Up for Playoffs!

( Tony Gwynn of TBS)
Over 13 games in the Division Series Roung of MLB Baseball TBS drew an average of 5.7 million viewers, up 23% over last year when games were broadcast over Fox and ESPN. Why? What made that happen? Why is MudFreeSports talking about this?

First, I love ratings and television and how it all plays out. Secondly, the reasons are endless. Games started at great times. As a Yankee fan, my son and I were able to watch most of the games together because of their start times. Also, there was one channel for the games. Not spread over 2 networks. We knew which channel to go to, not surf the guide to find it, is it Fox? ESPN? VS? Sorry that last one was a joke. The great thing for TBS is that the Series games included teams from NY, Philly, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and LA. Those teams combined with the times made a huge difference and its unfortunate that TBS has the NLCS instead of the ALCS or even both. I enjoyed the coverage on TBS. What do you think is the main reason for increase in viewership?

Michael Vick To Give Back 20 Million Bones!

A special arbitrator in the Michael Vick case has told the disgraced QB that he must pay back $20 Million to the Atlanta Falcons that was given to him as a signing bonus back in 2004. The arbitrator ruled that Vick knew he was in violation of league and team policies when he signed the 10 year $130 Million deal. This is just the first step however, the NFL Players Association has already said they will appeal the decision. I understand that the Union has to fight for this player, but its gotta be like defending your kid even though you know he is the neighborhood bully. Michael Vick deserves every ruling and judgement against him, not because of what he did, but rather because of the arrogance and stupidity it took to get involved in this underground world when he had everything he could ever want or need. I understand that this may have been apart of how he grew up, but come on already. When you rise to the top, you bring others with you and teach them, not allow them to bring you back down to their level. Its sad, Vick is an incredible athlete and I hope that he will be able to show us that he will change.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Has only allowed 41 points (in 4 games) and has won two road games in a row against AFC West opponents. Next 3 weeks will tell a lot about this team: Versus Houston, Indy, and at Tampa Bay.

9. Arizona Cardinals - Great back to back wins against Pittsburgh at home and the Rams on the road. Kurt Warner has some winning left in him and Ken Whisenhunt is a winner with great vision.

8. Tennessee Titans - I would never pick Vince Young on my fantasy team. But if I was a G.M. I would pay anything to have him as my quarterback. He is a winner! In Vince we trust!
7. Chicago Bears - Gained a lot of ground in my mind. First they bench Rex Grossman and then go to Green Bay and win a divisional game. Could be on track for a repeat NFC title.

6. Green Bay Packers - Bad loss at home against the Bears. But of what I have seen, one of the top in the NFC.

5. Washington Redskins - Joe Gibbs has found the coaching fountain of youth. Should be a great NFC East of old with Cowboys and Redskins going at it.

4. Dallas Cowboys - Good teams win in tough situations. 6 turnovers, recover onside kick, hit a second field goal as time expires, on the road in Buffalo. Great win.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Great bounce back win against one of the top teams supposed to compete in the NFC, and with a lot of players out.

2. Indianapolis Colts - Has played a tougher schedule than most of the rest of the Top 10. Peyton is able to make things happen no matter who is in there.
1. New England Patriots - What can you say? Has scored over 34 points in every game. Great test in hostile Dallas this week.

Matt Leinart Out, Kurt Warner to Start

Matt Leinart is out after breaking his collarbone in the Cardinals victory over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. That means former Ram and Arena QB Kurt Warner is going to move into the full time starting gig. Arizona signed Tim Rattay as a back up. I wonder if this means Kurt's wife is going to be calling sports radio programs complaining about play calling or the line's protection of her hubby. Think about it...she could call Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio and share hair care secrets with Greenberg. Or she can call the Jim Rome show and bust on J. Stew or Sean in H-Town and say stuff like "War players wives being G.M.'s of teams." Oh the excitement that this can mean, oh and the Cardinals might continue to win games.

Cowboys Escape Buffalo With Win!

I called for the upset last night (look at the MNF Preview) and got a negative response. The Bills just couldn't hold on to the lead last night, losing to the Cowboys 25-24 on a last second field goal by Kicker Nick Folk. An earlier field goal miss by the Bills proved to be the difference, as well as not stopping a drive under 2 minutes, as well as allowing an onside kick to be recovered by Dallas, as well as not capitalizing on all 6 Dallas turnovers. WOW, is this the Bills of the 90's without the true superstar? I will say, I have seen a lot of their games this year, and it looks like Losman is going to be out as the quarterback/savior for this young Bills team. Its like the Jets situation, if you are going to lose, lose with a young quarterback not a quarterback that makes rookie mistakes. Next week, Cowboys and Patriots. Oh WAIT....who is going to be watching next weeks MNF Game? Giants at the Falcons? They should do a single camera angle with one high school intern doing the it a retro game and save ESPN the expense of televising that hot mess! Just sayin'.

When Will Torre Be Fired?

Tick tock, tick tock...the George Steinbrenner exploding watch is ticking for Joe Torre. I would hate to see him go. Isn't the GM Brian Cashman more responsible for the Yankees situation than Torre? He went out and got 2 old pitchers to add to Mussina and Wang? And does anyone remember Carl Pavano? He is still under contract even though he has pitched 4 games in 4 years? Don't fire a legend, fire the one responsible for the talent. I think this was one of Torre's best years. The problem was the pitching and then in the playoffs the bats went quiet. Joe Must Stay....Brian should go! By the way, congrats to the Cleveland Indians. Their bats never stopped hitting throughout the playoffs. Looks to be a great ALCS, NLCS, and World Series!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Night Preview Dallas vs. Bills

Dallas looks to stay undefeated and to move up in the Mudfreesports TOP TEN. This looks like one of those games that the Cowboys could be sleeping on. They take on the New England Patriots next week and are travelling to a hostile environment. I predict that Buffalo will create a buzz in the NFL with a major upset tonite! The Bills should have won versus the Denver Broncos in Week 1, but blew the lead on a last second field goal. This is the first MNF game in Orchard Park in 13 years and they are celebrating Thurman Thomas as well. Look for rookie running back Marshawn Lynch to have a big game in front of Thomas. This could be the game the Terrell Owens begins to unravel, isn't it that time of the year?

Roger Clemens is Done

Roger Clemons has been put on the Disabled List for the Yankees and is out the rest of the ALDS and the ALCS if the Yankees come back to win. Under MLB rules you can not add a player to the ALDS Roster unless a player is hurt and then has to sit out of the following series. Ron Villone was added to the roster to replace the Rocket. This comes on the heals of his brief appearance in Game 3 against Cleveland due to a hamstring injury. This could be the last time Clemens pitches in the big leagues. The only way he would pitch again this year if the Yankees make the World Series. I would love for that to happen, BUT lets get real...the Yankees would have to win 6 more games to get there. I want it, but just don't see it right now. Roger...retire and move on.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


The Yankees finally pieced together hits in order to take a game from the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, 8-4. Johnny Damon was the big hero with 4 RBI in the game. AROD was 2-4 and scored a run, getting the 4th inning going with an infield hit that he legged out at first. Game 4 will be played Monday Night in Yankee Stadium. There has been no report on who will start for the Yankees. The scene was typical October baseball in the Bronx. A wild, raucous crowd that reacted to every pitch. So different from many of the games I have seen so far this postseason. You may hate the Yankees, but one great thing I love about them is the way us fans can become so passionate about our team. I can say this, I like that about the Red Sox. I would rather have a team that I hate, but has great fans than see a game of a good team with dead fans. Go Yankees!

NFL Look At Week 5!

Week 5 of the NFL Season is almost complete and we continued to learn quite a bit about who's a contender and who's a poser. New England, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh seem to continue to impress. Look for Green Bay and Dallas to continue the top teams winning ways this weekend.

I am a big Steelers fan and think that they are being overlooked, BUT it doesn't matter until they play some big boys in the AFC. Detroit looks like a big poser and Washington looks like more of a contender.

Miami 19 Houston 22
Jacksonville 17 Kansas City 7
Cleveland 17 New England 34
Carolina 16 New Orleans 13
NY Jets 24 NY Giants 35
Seattle 0 Pittsburgh 21
Arizona 34 St. Louis 31
Atlanta 13 Tennessee 20
Detroit 3 Washington 34
Tampa Bay 14 Indianapolis 33
San Diego 41 Denver 3
Baltimore 9 San Francisco 7
Chicago 27 Green Bay 20
Dallas at Buffalo 8:30 p.m.


As, I predicted...Jeff Gordon won the UAW-FORD 500 at Talledaga. What a race down the wire with 15 laps left it got really interesting with 2 and sometimes 3 lines of drivers bumping and drafting off each other. My fav. racer, Tony Stewart, made a move about 3 laps too soon and got stuck in no man's land. Meanwhile, Gordon held on behind Kurt Busch and made is move towar the last lap and held on. Here are your up to date Chase for the Cup Standings.
Driver PTS Behind
1 Jeff Gordon 5695 ----
2 Jimmie Johnson 5686 9
3 Clint Bowyer 5632 63
4 Tony Stewart 5541 154
5 Carl Edwards 5495 200
6 Kevin Harvick 5493 202
7 Kurt Busch 5485 210
8 Kyle Busch 5435 260
9 Denny Hamlin 5428 267
10Martin Truex Jr. 5395 300
11Matt Kenseth 5382 313
12 Jeff Burton 5364 331


Here is your AP TOP 25, Look back at my posts, this exactly the TOP 5 I predicted last night. Look for South Florida to be the BCS representative for the Big East. I don't see a loss on the remaining part of their schedule. Also, I don't see LSU going undefeated and I see Boston College being undefeated. Could we see a South Florida vs. Boston College BCS Title Game? That may force a playoff system quicker than anything else that can happen!
AP Top 25
1. LSU (65) 6-0 1,625 2. California 5-0 1,538
3. Ohio State 6-0 1,511 4. Boston College 6-0 1,346
5. South Florida 5-0 1,339 6. Oklahoma 5-1 1,221
7. South Carolina 5-1 1,183 8. West Virginia 5-1 1,059
9. Oregon 4-1 1,047 10. USC 4-1 1,024
11. Missouri 5-0 966 12. Virginia Tech 5-1 910
13. Florida 4-2 822 14. Arizona State 6-0 752
15. Cincinnati 6-0 705 16. Hawaii 6-0 634
17. Kentucky 5-1 612 18. Illinois 5-1 595
19. Wisconsin 5-1 551 20. Kansas 5-0 336
21. Florida State 4-1 307 22. Auburn 4-2 248
23. Texas 4-2 136 24. Georgia 4-2 131 25. Tennessee 3-2 90


According to a report in the Bergen Record, George Steinbrenner will be looking elsewhere for a manager next year if the lose to the Cleveland Indians. "I think we're paying him a lot of money. He's the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don't think we'd take him back if we don't win this series." George may be old, but he is the same old crothety manager we have known and hated for years. FIRE TORRE? Let's get rid of Giambi and others that can't perform when they need to. I think the Yankees have done a great job bringing in younger players and starting to fade out older guys, ie. Tino Martinez and Gary Sheffield. I would love to see stay and mold these young guys another year or two. He has deserved the right to leave on his own timetable. What do you think?

AROD and Yankee Bats Must Come Alive!

Today, 2 ALDS series could conclude. The Angels and the both could face elimination today as they each host the Red Sox and the Indians, respectively. The big talk around New York is about whether is going to come alive and break out of his 0-6 October funk and drive in the runs he is capable of doing. I have gone into last and this year's playoffs believing in him, hoping to prove the nay-sayers wrong. When he gets up to bat, I clench my fists in anticipation of what he is going to do...a home run in deep center, a double to the opposite field, a line drive past the third baseman. I have instead ended up yelling and punching the couch as he looks at a third strike or swinging at a ball out of the strike zone. What do you think? I believe in HEROS! I believe in AROD. Mark my words, he will come thru today! 3-4 with 4 RBI.

NFL WEEK #5, What's Your Favorite NFL Moment!

Here's your schedule for todays games. Who is your team? Would love to hear about your best football moment with your team, in person, on TV, whatever. My favorite story is going to a Steelers game at Buffalo. Beautiful warm day in September, endzone seats bought from a scalper, stood right at field level as the Steelers warmed up for the game. Mean Joe Green was the line coach at the time and got to see him close up. Steelers got rocked that game, I got called every vulgarity known to man, but was a great experience. Whats your story?
(OPEN DATES: Cincinnati, Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia)
Miami at Houston 1 p.m.
Jacksonville at Kansas City 1 p.m.
Cleveland at New England 1 p.m.
Carolina at New Orleans 1 p.m.
NY Jets at NY Giants 1 p.m.
Seattle at Pittsburgh 1 p.m.
Arizona at St. Louis 1 p.m.
Atlanta at Tennessee 1 p.m.
Detroit at Washington 1 p.m.
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis 4:05 p.m.
San Diego at Denver 4:15 p.m.*
Baltimore at San Francisco 4:15 p.m.
Chicago at Green Bay 8:15 p.m. (NBC)
Dallas at Buffalo 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)


The Rockies defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to win the NLDS 3 games to Zero by beating them 2-1 last night in Denver. Rookie Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez allowed just one run and three hits in six-plus innings. He was the hero in last nights contest. That sets up the NLCS between the Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Look for the Rockies to take the series 3-2 over the Diamondbacks. Both teams are seeing success carry over from their success in September, but their is something special about the youthful Rockies going into Philadelphia and taking the first two games.