Saturday, October 6, 2007


In a 28-24 victory over Florida, LSU is assured of holding onto their #1 ranking. In a weekend with 6 upsets of ranked teams, LSU came back, knowing that USC had lost and they had control of their own fate. Looks like California, Ohio State, Boston College and South Florida will round out the new top 5. Here's to some great college football this year and especially in the past 2 weeks. Which game this year has been your favorite? Is it Michigan losing to Appalachin St.? USC losing to Stanford at home? Louisville losing to Kentucky? to Syracuse? to UTAH? How about Notre Dame losing to everyone, except UCLA? LSU may end up being the last undefeated team when we the season ends...or will South Florida be unbeaten? What about CAL?

Stanford Upsets USC!

Oh how the mighty have fallen! USC, the NO.2 team in all the land lost at home for the first time in 34 games to the Stanford Cardinal. Head Coach of Stanford is Jim Harbaugh the former Michagan Wolverine and NFL quarterback. The final score was 24-23. Stanford drove with under 2 minutes left, hitting a close 4th down pass down the middle on 4th and 20. Then the winning touchdown pass was on a jumpball on the left sideline in the endzone. The play was reviewed, but was not that close. LSU fans and players went nuts when the score was announced. They had just cut the lead to 17-14 at the time of the winning score in the USC-Stanford game. There is already talk about this being bigger than the Appalachin St. win over Michigan. I disagree, that was a lower class of team going into one of the most storied teams home field and taking it to Michigan. Stanford plays at the same competitive level as USC and showed us what Syracuse showed us when they won against Louisville. No. 1 LSU can go down as well tonite as they are down 24-14 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.


One down, three to go. One Divisional Series ended this evening with the Arizona Diamondbacks defeating the Chicago Cubs 5-1 to take the series 3-0. Let the talk begin...err...continue about Lou Pinella's decision to take out Carlos Zambrano after just 85 pitches and before he was to pitch the 8th inning. The only Chicago fan grateful that Lou made that decision and they lost the series?? Thats right Steve Bartman, the fan who caught the foul ball as he listened on his headphones and reached out into the field of play to take away a sure out. This latest gaff by Lou will allow Steve to move back to Chicago and be treated like any other fan. Steve can now run for mayor, buy the Cubs himself, play quarterback for the Bears, and pretty much anything he wants to now that Lou screwed up the whole series with that one decision. Oh...wait...he was saving Zambrano for game 4! When is that? Game of..."Fore"? That is the only game Zambrano will be playing until April. Next year will be the 100 anniversary of "Lovable Losers" last World Series. There is always next year, again.

TOYOTA Dominates NASCAR Qualifying

Toyota drivers dominate the top 6 positions for Sunday's UAW-FORD 500 at Talladega in the NASCAR Chase for the Cup. Five of the top 6 positions are Toyota cars. The other big story in qualifying is how bad the Chase for the Cup drivers did. The top position is 11th held by Tony Stewart in his No. 20 Home Depot Chevy. Kurt Busch qualified 41st in his No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge. Look for a lot of the chase drivers to move up early in the race since this track is known for lots of paint swaping and big wrecks. With all the drivers not in the chase up front, there should be a lot of moving and shaking early, ending up in wrecks that the chase drivers will have to avoid. My bet is Jeff Gordon who has down great at Talladega. But look for Kurt Busch to make a push even from the 41st spot. Hey...I am a Tony Stewart fan, just not sure if he can make it at this track on Sunday!

TOP 25 Topsy Turvy Saturday

What a day so far in NCAA football. No. 5 went down to unranked Illinois, No. 6 South Florida got a scare against Florida Atlantic U., and unranked Tennessee has upset No. 12 Georgia. This already on the heals of South Carolina's Upset of the Wildcats from Kentucky. The big games are tonite. I look forward to Florida upsetting , Purdue beating No. 4 Ohio State, and Cincinnati making a statement at Rutgers, but coming up short. Also look for USC to stay perfect against Stanford, they are up 3-0 in the 2nd Quarter right now. I am a huge Syracuse fan, and for the first time this year I think Greg Robinson is actually building something great. Yes, they got trounced by WVU, but were in the game until a bad screen play was broken up and a touchdown scored by the Mountaineers. They have a great youthful core and are getting some big time game experience. I say...let's hold on to Coach Robinson for one more year and see what he can do with his talent.

Ramirez is the Manny...Every series at 2-0!

hit a walk off 3 Run Home Run to help the Red Sox take a commanding 2-0 lead in the ALDS. Every Series in both leagues are now at 2-0. The Phillies have the toughest road of those teams down 0-2, because they now go to Colorado to face the Rockies. The other 3 teams (Yankees, Cubs, and Angels) have the chance to go home and try to tie up their respective series. Who do you like to come back from 0-2? Me, I am still believing in a Yankee-Cubs World Series, but think ONLY the Angels can come back from being down in their series.

College Football TOP 25 Shuffle

Here we go again! This is probably going to be one of the wildest weekends in college football we've seen since....well, last week. We have 7 match ups of Top 25 teams, one of which was decided Thursday Night with No. 18 South Carolina defeating No. 8 Kentucky. As I see it, at least 6 more Top 25 teams will lose and more upsets could be in the making for other teams facing unranked opponents. What upset do you like this weekend? Will West Virginia go down to Syracuse? OH MAN, like that will ever happen!! What do you think? Who is your dog who will be tearing down the goalposts? Photo By Mary Ann Chastain, AP

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Yankees and the gnats...

Did you see the ALDS between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees? During the 8th inning, as Joba Chamberlain was on the mound, thousands of gnats began to fly around his head. TBS had some great shots of dozens on the back of his neck. He had to be sprayed down with OFF bug spray. To be MUD FREE, I will be straight up, I am a Yankee homer. There were some questions to Joe Torre after the game, asking if the game should have been delayed. WHAT?? Both teams pitchers and batters had to deal with these flying friends. Thats the problem with journalists, most have never laced it up and played a game in which nature has a negative effect on your performance. Joba choked! And I guarantee there will be news articles all over the NY Tabloids saying what a travesty it was to have to continue under those conditions. Bottom line, the Yankees didn't get it down. They have to hit the ball and make things happen and they didn't. What do you think, the bats or the gnats? Which caused the Yankees to lose?

Mud Free Sports? What the hell?

What is Mud Free Sports?? How did you stumble across this page? Mud Free...without the crud, not corporate line to toe, no editor to listen to, no program director to answer to. Just straight forward talk on what I see and what I know. I hope you as a reader will also be a contributor. Don't tiptoe around the issues....MUD FREE...give it to me straight! Bring it on...without the MUD!