Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thoughts About NFL Network Showing Patriots vs. Giants

As many already know, the NFL decided to allow NBC and CBS to simulcast the NFL Network's broadcast of the Patriots vs. Giants on Saturday December 29th. I have some thoughts about why the NFL did this:

1. Money. They are probably charging NBC and CBS a good amount of money to show the game. The NFL has most likely lost money on the failure to secure a deal with Time Warner and Comcast to place the NFL Network in their lineups.

2. Manipulation. Look for this to be a Super Bowl-like production with the NFL pulling out all the stops to make their channel look big time. Also, you can bet that their will be at least and maybe even two commercials per break for the NFL Network. Their logo will be prominently displayed throughout the game and they will promo shows like crazy. Make no mistake, this is to manipulate the viewer to either barrage their cable company or switch to a satellite provider like Directv or Dish Network. Maybe they will even interview Jerry Jones and have him just come out and say it!

3. Mr. Nice Guy. How else can the NFL come across like the good guy this holiday season than give us fans what we want to see? They know that this is primarily a PR move. We think the NFL can't get any bigger and Commissioner Roger Goodell is betting he can get even larger. More fans = more money.

4. Domination. The NFL doesn't just want to win...they want to dominate and kick other leagues all over the field. The NFL wants to make their next contract with TV Networks twice as costly as the one they have now.

The bottom line, the NFL knows that football is a drug and for many of us, the NFL Network is a new drug we have never tried. If the drug dealer, the NFL, gives us our first hit free, we will be hooked and will do whatever we can to get it. So, be like Bill Clinton, don't inhale!

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the worst pro game broadcasts I've ever seen. Crummy comments, lousy camera angles and cutaways, running commericials 2 to 3 minutes at a stretch and missing plays / touchdowns! Is this NFL Network *REALY* the new drug of choice for the serious football fan? Gawd, it's awful...