Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Senator George Mitchell To Release Steroids In Baseball Report

On Thursday, Senator George Mitchell will release his report on Steroids and performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball. Their are reports of 60-80 current and former players that are on the report. The math on that for you young kids is an average of right around 2 players per team. Most likely all of us as fans will be affected by having one of the players from our team painted with this scarlet letter. I guess the impact will be felt depending on who is on the list from our team. As a Yankee fan, I expect Jason Giambi to be on the list, from there I don't know. There are only a few players that could be named that would have a negative impact on me. Derek Jeter, Paul O'Neil, or Bernie Williams. Others as I think right now wouldn't bother me or impact me. Jeter more so than the retired O'Neil or Williams. His inclusion would not only affect me, but my son as well. The best thing is to wait to react until the list is released. Check back here Thursday for an in-depth look at the whole list and reaction around baseball.

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just stopping by to let you know that I think that you do an awesome job on your blog. Very informative and fun at the same time.