Sunday, December 9, 2007

Patriots Beat Steelers, Cowboys Clinch NFC East

The Patriots beat Steelers 34-13 in Foxboro and the Cowboys beat the Lions to Clinch the NFC East as the two best teams in their conferences stay on a path for Super Bowl XLII. The New England Patriots took a 17-13 lead into halftime and never relented in the second half, controlling the game thru passing rather than running, at one time rattling off 31 of 32 plays that were pass plays. The Patriots may or may not have been motivated by the guarantee made by Anthony Smith, but they attacked his coverage areas and exploited a defense missing their leader in Troy Polamalu. The Steelers at times looked like a great team and offensively played great in the first half. The great thing about the Patriots is how easily they seem to handle situations and how flawlessly they carry out their gameplan. The Patriots now have 3 games left for perfection in the regular season. Do you think they will do it? In the NFC, the Cowboys beat the Lions on a last minute touchdown in Detroit and clinched the NFC East. They look like the definite favorite to win the NFC and head to the Super Bowl, though I think Seattle is becoming a real top team that noone is discussing.

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