Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

Week 14 is just about here and the biggest movement is going to be felt in the NFC as teams like Tampa Bay and Arizona are looking to shake some things up and show that they belong with the big boys. The Browns have a lot to show against bad to mediocre teams and the Steelers date in Foxboro is here. Wow, just doesn't get any better than this for fans of the NFL.


*10 .Cleveland Browns - The Browns? The Browns look like they are on a collision course with the Playoffs and could be a force in the AFC. They are at 7-5 and have 3 games coming up against the Jets, the Bills, and the Bengals. Are they for real? Can they last? These are the weeks where we will be able to tell.
* 9.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Texans, the Falcons, the 49ers...which team wouldn't want that schedule the next 3 games? The Bucs can show how much noise they will make by either running thru those 3 or coasting. Count on Coach Gruden to have them racing thru these games and putting a hurting on some people.
* 8. Seattle Seahawks - This is one of those teams that are going to cause problems and may be more like the #3 team in the NFC this year. They do play in the West, so just how good are they? They play the Cardinals and at 6-6 the Cardinals are playing for their playoff lives this week. Will the Seahawks be champs or chumps? We think champs.
* 7. Jacksonville Jaguars - They lost to the Colts in Indy. Not to big of a deal. We will see how they bounce back and play this week now that they are out of contention for the AFC South title.
* 6. NY Giants - Well the Giants looked more like a contender than a pretender with a good win against Da Bears. Eli just needs to stop being consistently horrible and start being consistently Peyton.
*5. Pittsburgh Steelers - Well this week we could see the Steelers move ahead a team or two if they can take care of the Patriots on Sunday. They are starting to look like the team that dismantled teams early on in the season. After a tough game on a crappy field against the Dolphins, they came back with a strong win Sunday Night against the Bengals. They just need some players to get healthy.
* 4. Green Bay Packers - Well, the discouraging thing for the rest of the NFC is that Aaron Rodgers is going to be pretty good once #4 decides to retire. I think this makes the Packers an even tougher team going forward and may be able to beat the Cowboys come playoff time.
* 3. Indianapolis Colts - The Colts showed a lot of what makes them great with 4 touchdowns in only 25 minutes of offense time on the field. Newsflash...this team is good! Will be a tough team to beat if they can get some guys back and healthy.
* 2. Dallas Cowboys - After back to back Thursday wins, including defeating the Packers last week the 'Boys have shown the world they are worthy of the top seed in the NFC and will be a tough team to beat at home in January.
* 1. New England Patriots - A Monday Night comeback for Tom Brady and the Pats keep their unbeaten streak alive and well, until Sunday when the Steelers come to town to try and unseat them from the ranks of the undefeated. This should be a great game if the Steelers learned anything from the Eagles and the Ravens.

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