Sunday, December 2, 2007

BCS Polls, Bowls, Selection Show, Hawaii, and Much More!

The BCS is in a state of disorder this morning after the loss of the number 1 and 2 teams, Missouri and West Virginia and every other team seems to be deserving at least a shot, except maybe the only major undefeated team, Hawaii who came back to beat Washington last night 35-28. The BCS Selection show at 8pm on Fox will only add fuel to the fire of the BCS Championship debate, who's #1, should there be a playoff system, what about teams like Hawaii, should we not start polls until November...blah blah blah blah blah! The same old arguments year after year, the only difference this year is that there are SO many teams with 2 losses that can make a case. I personally would love to see Georgia vs. Oklahoma. Those 2 teams are more deserving than most in my mind. Ohio State's schedule says they aren't worthy. Their big win was over Michigan, who, lest you forgot, lost to Appalachian State. And their second to last game was a loss at home to Illinois. Who are your top 2 teams? We will find out tonite at 8pm! Let the argument begin!


instanteggrolls said...

OSU (or maybe OU) vs LSU

Geaux Tigers.

Tate-Ramingham said...

There's no way Georgia should be able to play for the title. Yea, they are playing great football right now, but they didn't win the SEC. They didn't even win their division.

OU vs. LSU

Stump said...

The Coaches Poll is out, looks like its OSU and LSU. Georgia and VA Tech get screwed with the leap frogs.