Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is your baseball roundup, Curt Schilling re-signed with the Boston Red Sox, Matt Williams bought steroids, and GM's voted for replay.
Starting pitcher Curt Schilling decided to re-sign with the Red Sox for less money rather than moving his family and trying his hand at free agency. The deal he signed is for $8 Million and is loaded with Millions more in bonuses that he can earn thru performance and weigh-ins. Schilling has done and said a lot of things the past few years that has pissed him off, but if I were a Red Sox fan, I would be ecstatic that he signed a deal like this. As fans we like to believe that we would do something like this, stay with the team we have experienced success with for less money, just for the love of the game and who we play with/for. Kudos to Schilling for making this decision and staying with the Sox. Worst case scenario, he would be a great setup guy for the bullpen, unless the re-sign Eric Gagne, yea...right!

In other news more disturbing Jose Guillen, Matt Williams, and Ismael Valdez were outed in the San Francisco Chronicle as having bought HGH and/or steroids from a Florida clinic in the past. Reportedly the same Florida Dentist that wrote prescriptions of HGH for Paul Byrd of the Indians also wrote prescriptions for these three cheaters, err...ball players. Look...I hope everybody that used or use steroids gets exposed, however it may happen.

At the GM meetings in Florida, the use of video replay to determine if home runs are fair or foul, hit the top of walls, or get interfered with by fans will be used beginning next season as long as Commissioner Bud Selig approves the measure. GM's approved their side of the measure 25-5. I don't have too big of an issue with this. Not really sure if I want more than this in my baseball games. I will take a wait and see for this season and then see how much I care for instant replay. What are your thoughts?

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