Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A-Rod Coming Back to the Yankees?

In a twist of fate that Hollywood wouldn't even see coming, Alex Rodriguez has begun discussions with the New York Yankees over the possibility of his return to the club. It appears that he has done this without the help of his Agent Scott Boras. Could A-Rod really come back to the Yankees? Would Yankee fans receive him back to the family? Could this be the thing that changes people's perception of A-Rod? I, as a Yankee fan, would welcome him back. Most likely he will not get the amount of cash he was looking for and would be "under paid" compared to what he is worth. This may just work. The official statement is shown below.

Official statement from Alex Rodriguez

11/14/2007 3:27 PM ET

After spending time with Cynthia and my family over these last few weeks, it became clear to me that I needed to make an attempt to engage the Yankees regarding my future with the organization.

Prior to entering into serious negotiations with other clubs, I wanted the opportunity to share my thoughts directly with Yankees' ownership. We know there are other opportunities for us, but Cynthia and I have a foundation with the club that has brought us comfort, stability and happiness.

As a result, I reached out to the Yankees through mutual friends and conveyed that message. I also understand that I had to respond to certain Yankees concerns, and I was receptive and understanding of that situation.

Cynthia and I have since spoken directly with the Steinbrenner family. During these healthy discussions, both sides were able to share honest feelings and hopes with one another, and we expect to continue this dialogue with the Yankees over the next few days.

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