Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Open Letter To The NFL and Time Warner

This is an open letter to the NFL and to Time Warner Cable concerning the on-going stale mate over the NFL Network. As a fan and customer of the NFL and a customer of 3 services of Time Warner Cable, MY VOICE needs to be heard! I don't appreciate an owner, Jerry Jones telling me what to do with my money. The fans of the NFL and myself are the reasons your team and the league is financially profitable, so don't tell me to drop my cable company when it would profit YOU more. I want the NFL Network, but to Time Warner I would say I DON'T want my cable bill to go up any more. You came in with Road Runner and Phone Service and I followed along like a little kid. No more!

NFL, figure out a way to get your Network on these cable companies without making them pay an extreme amount. Time Warner, stop playing like you are innocent in this whole mess. You and other cable companies constantly put cable owned stations on other providers in a scratch my back, I'll scratch your back deal (ie. Golf Channel, Versus). And we as fans know that you ALWAYS give independent networks problems when starting out (ie. Yes, NFL). This is my cry, Stop the games, so I can see the games! Enough is enough. Make it happen before the first game.

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Anonymous said...

kind of lame cant we all get along rant. C'mon there is money involved here, huge money. Why should the NFL give away their network? They should be compensated for their product, it belongs to them!