Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We head into week 12 of the NFL season and Mud Free Sports has your Power Rankings of the Top 10 NFL Teams in 2007. The Patriots have the top spot locked and loaded for this and every week in the 2007 NFL Season. They will have to lose at least 2 games before they are removed from the top spot. The mess in the rankings comes in the bottom five. With the Steelers pathetic loss at the Jets and the Titans and Bills both losing last week, we have a holding pattern in the bottom 5 of who will and won't step up the last 6 weeks of the season.


  • 10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - With 2 wins in a row, the Bucs look like a team that actually wants to win the NFC South. Many thought the Carolina Panthers or the New Orleans Saints would be the big winners in the division, but so far the Bucs are the only ones winning the last couple weeks.
  • 9. Pittsburgh Steelers - Well, maybe 9 is a bit too low, but come on...3 losses on the road to the Cardinals, the Broncos, and the Jets? This team is so close to being #2 its ridiculous but when you lose to the Jets, 39 is generous!
  • 8. Seattle Seahawks - It appears that injuries have forced Mike Holmgren to change his style and play a more aggressive style that could lead them deep into the NFC Playoffs.
  • 7. Cleveland Browns - Did you see the end of the game vs. the Ravens. Teams that have a destiny win games like that. These Browns are a team that is going to create a mess going into and possibly in the playoffs.
  • 6. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags are slowly playing their way into contention and may even contend with the Colts for the AFC South title. Look, they have a great defense and a decent offense. They could make life miserable for a lot of AFC teams.
  • 5. NY Giants - The Giants prevented a second half meltdown like last year by going into Detroit and getting a key win. The only thing the Giants are in need of is a solid offensive performance from Eli Manning. Come on Eli...let's get going!
  • 4. Indianapolis Colts - The Colts stay at #4 even though they nearly fell to the Herm Edwards led KC Chiefs. It looks like the wheels are falling off this bus, but until they do, they are still in our Top 5.
  • 3. Green Bay Packers - Ok...Eat Turkey and then...Watch Brett Favre! Can't beat the game this year between the Packers and the Lions. This is a great matchup, look for Favre to win the Turkey Leg, the cranberry sauce, or whatever food item Fox gives out to the winning team.
  • 2. Dallas Cowboys - Who thought Terrell Owens would really have THIS great of a year? And Tony Romo? Forgettaboutit...these 'Boys are good and they are going to be tough to beat in the NFC. They also play on Thanksgiving, but more importantly they play the Packers on Nov. 29th in a game almost nobody will see thanks to the NFL Network and Cable Companies.
  • 1. New England Patriots - it over yet? They are the favorite to win everything unless the bus falls off a bridge! This team is incredible. I actually had the NERVE to pick against them going into I an idiot or what? Anyone have Moss and Brady on your fantasy team?

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