Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here are your NFL Power Rankings going into Week 11. What do you think? Is your team higher? Do you think another team should be in the top 10 that isn't in ours? Tell us, spout off! Give us a Mud Pie!


  • 10. Cleveland Browns - They nearly beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh and for that they stay in my top 10. This team is one to be watched as we make a push to the playoffs. Can they continue to beat the Sup-par teams? They need to shore up their defense to make any serious run to the playoffs.
  • 9. San Diego Chargers - Not so sure that they are any good, well...that Norv Turner is any good. This team has been brought down to his level and they only up side is they play in the AFC West.
  • 8. Buffalo Bills - The Bills just win. They are ugly about it, but they find ways to stay in games. They face a team named the Patriots in Buffalo and need to come with a stronger offensive performance than they have all year. JP Losman will start and will have to rely on Marshawn Lynch to run down the clock and the Patriots defense. We will see how they hold up.
  • 7. NY Giants - The Giants are like the cutest girl in the trailer park. They are winners against the bottom tier of teams, but not good enough to beat the Packers or Cowboys. And Eli Manning is not the QB the Giants signed up for. Too inconsistent. Defensively, they have to get stingier against these top teams. This trailer park girl will have to win against the NFC North trio they face coming up in order to maintain their playoff hopes.
  • 6. Jacksonville Jaguars - This is a tough team for me to figure out. What is easy to figure out is they are a tough team that seems to win some tough games. They also have some studs on offense that can change a game. With games against San Diego and Buffalo, they are facing a type of playoffs before the month even ends.
  • 5.Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers may be the second best team in the league, but two early losses to the ...ahem...Cardinals and Broncos makes me pause at placing them any higher. The good thing about this team is their offense is the best I have seen in years and only getting better. They may be the last team you would want to face in the playoffs.
  • 4. Indianapolis Colts - Uh you see it...the train coming off the tracks? Injuries are starting to take a toll on this great team. Word today that Dwight Freeney may be out for the rest of the season. That with all their other injuries does not set up nicely. Any wide receivers out there looking for work??
  • 3. Green Bay Packers - After this weeks game against Carolina the Packers play back to back Thursday road games against the Lions and the Cowboys. I think this team is for real, but we will see how real they are.
  • 2. Dallas Cowboys - An impressive 2nd win vs. the NY Giants coupled with the loss of the Colts, makes the move to #2 a no brainer. Terrell Owens hasn't been an issue all year and Tony Romo looks like he is on a mission to right his playoff mistake of last year.
  • 1. New England Patriots - A bye week last week leading up to a Sunday Night Game in Buffalo against the Bills. I may be alone here, but this looks like a spot that the Patriots can slip up. We will wait and see about that. For now, they are still #1!

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