Tuesday, November 6, 2007



10. Buffalo Bills - The Bills are two last second field goals from being 6-2. They play tough even with a boat load of injuries. Look for them to take out the Dolphins and move to 5-4 and looking ahead to their game against the Patriots on November 18th in Buffalo.
9. Cleveland Browns - This team was headed for the number one pick after week one, or so we thought. Now they are ready to take on the Steelers for a tie in the AFC North. This could be one of those games that makes you bleed just watching it.
8. Detroit Lions - The Lions are one of those teams that I am scared to put to high, but props to John Kitna who said they would win 10 games this year. We were all ready to sign him up to a crazy farm, but he keeps leading the Lions to the win column.
7. Tennessee Titans - They are playing great, Vince Young isn't up to his old self, but winning still. LenDale White has 613 yards and 5 touchdowns on the year, finally living up to his abilities that we witnessed at USC.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Impressive win against an aging, immobile Ravens team. Not to impressive. Lets see how they do against the Browns on Sunday and how they play on the road in upcoming weeks. The NFL has moved two games to late game starts to accommodate CBS wishes. Nov. 18 vs. the Jets and Dec. 9 at New England. Nice!
5. NY Giants - The Giants come off a bye week and take on the Cowboys this week. This will be a good test to see how far they have really come as a TEAM.
4. Green Bay Packers - The only concern for the Packers is their running game. But they still keep winning! They should finish out the year strong and lets see what happens in the playoffs.
3. Dallas Cowboys - No change here, Cowboys throttled the Eagles in Philadelphia and still play in the NFC...big test against the Giants this weekend!
2. Indianapolis Colts - In my eyes, they don't fall far at all. They are defending champs and had New England on the ropes in the 4th quarter. Don't be surprised to see these two matched up in the playoffs and the Colts winning. They are that good.
1. New England Patriots - A pre-schooler could make this pick at #1. Enough said.

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