Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well, here we go. Who are the coaches on the hot seat? Check out my new favorite site they keep an updated running list of coaches and how they stand with their school. My top 5 is different than theirs, but here goes.

1. Greg Robinson, Syracuse - There have been conversations since week 3 of this season that this could be it for Coach R. After a loss to a lowly PITT team on the road where there was no sense of urgency on Syracuse's part. Athletic Director Daryl Gross has to save some face, doesn't he?
2. Bill Callahan, Nebraska - Tom Osborne is back as Interim AD and Kansas just hung 76 points on his team. 1+1=2. Simple math ladies and gentlemen, simple math.
3. Ted Roof, Duke - 4 seasons and 4 wins. With a salary under $400k, they should be buying him out now. BC came into the ACC and went right to the top and Duke has done nothing, that can't sit well for long.
4. Karl Dorrell, UCLA - They continue to be a joke compared to their cross-town rivals. In a year when ASU and Oregon are dominating the Pac-10, UCLA just continues to go south. 5 years should be enough.
5. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame - Do you think he really likes being out of the NFL, with all the success the Patriots are having? Gotta believe that after a loss to NAVY, thats right NAVY, the alumni are starting to call for him to be gone. Looks like Ty Willingham wasn't so bad after all.

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