Friday, November 16, 2007

#2 Oregon Loses to Arizona! Thursday Night Upset

#2 Oregon Football became the latest casualty in the BCS as they lost to Arizona in the latest upset in College Football this year. Heisman Trophy Candidate Dennis Dixon went out early in the game with a knee injury, but the game was lost on turnovers more than anything. This makes the games coming up in the next 3 weeks even more critical as it opens things up for the trio of Big 12 teams: Missouri, Oklahoma, and unbeaten Kansas. Also in the hunt is West Virginia who faces Cincinnati this weekend. Hold on to your seats as the BCS gets kicked into full gear now with this major upset. This loss also makes Ohio State's Rivalry Game against Michigan more important, if the Big 12 teams beat each other out or have poor showings, and the Buckeyes can win convincingly, they may find a spot in the BCS championship game. Don't forget LSU could still lose as well.

Media Credit: Alan Walsh
Arizona wide receiver Terrell Turner tries to escape the hold of Bruins Dennis Keyes (11) and Reggie Carter (51) in the Wildcats' 34-27 win over UCLA at Arizona Stadium on Nov. 3.

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