Friday, October 5, 2007

The Yankees and the gnats...

Did you see the ALDS between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees? During the 8th inning, as Joba Chamberlain was on the mound, thousands of gnats began to fly around his head. TBS had some great shots of dozens on the back of his neck. He had to be sprayed down with OFF bug spray. To be MUD FREE, I will be straight up, I am a Yankee homer. There were some questions to Joe Torre after the game, asking if the game should have been delayed. WHAT?? Both teams pitchers and batters had to deal with these flying friends. Thats the problem with journalists, most have never laced it up and played a game in which nature has a negative effect on your performance. Joba choked! And I guarantee there will be news articles all over the NY Tabloids saying what a travesty it was to have to continue under those conditions. Bottom line, the Yankees didn't get it down. They have to hit the ball and make things happen and they didn't. What do you think, the bats or the gnats? Which caused the Yankees to lose?

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LayDdee said...

I saw the close up of the bugs on their necks - nasty!