Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Sox Pound Rockies! World Series Game #1 Recap Game #2 Preview

Josh Beckett came to the mound in the first inning and struck out all 3 batters he faced...and that was it. It seemed from their that the Red Sox fans and players got an emotional charge out of that and the Colorado Rockies realized what they were in for. The end result was a 13-1 blowout that even Eric Gagne looked good in forthe Red Sox. Boston accumulated 17 hits, but more importantly had 3 runs by the time the 1st inning ended. Jeff Francis started for the Rockies, allowing 6 runs in 4 innings worth of work. All around a drubbing by the Red Sox, pretty much what this writer expected.

Tonight, Curt Schilling will pitch against Ubaldo Jimenez. Look for the Red Sox to keep things going, but the game to be closer. Red Sox win 4-2 Tonight, 8pm on Fox!


RC said...

I hope the red sox don't keep things going and i hope that Ubaldo Jimenez has an awesome night of pitching.

Blaine Moore said...

Shilling is going to have a good outing; he's looking for a contract with a new team next year and needs to look good enough that they ignore that he missed a good chunk of the regular season.