Tuesday, October 9, 2007


10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Has only allowed 41 points (in 4 games) and has won two road games in a row against AFC West opponents. Next 3 weeks will tell a lot about this team: Versus Houston, Indy, and at Tampa Bay.

9. Arizona Cardinals - Great back to back wins against Pittsburgh at home and the Rams on the road. Kurt Warner has some winning left in him and Ken Whisenhunt is a winner with great vision.

8. Tennessee Titans - I would never pick Vince Young on my fantasy team. But if I was a G.M. I would pay anything to have him as my quarterback. He is a winner! In Vince we trust!
7. Chicago Bears - Gained a lot of ground in my mind. First they bench Rex Grossman and then go to Green Bay and win a divisional game. Could be on track for a repeat NFC title.

6. Green Bay Packers - Bad loss at home against the Bears. But of what I have seen, one of the top in the NFC.

5. Washington Redskins - Joe Gibbs has found the coaching fountain of youth. Should be a great NFC East of old with Cowboys and Redskins going at it.

4. Dallas Cowboys - Good teams win in tough situations. 6 turnovers, recover onside kick, hit a second field goal as time expires, on the road in Buffalo. Great win.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Great bounce back win against one of the top teams supposed to compete in the NFC, and with a lot of players out.

2. Indianapolis Colts - Has played a tougher schedule than most of the rest of the Top 10. Peyton is able to make things happen no matter who is in there.
1. New England Patriots - What can you say? Has scored over 34 points in every game. Great test in hostile Dallas this week.

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LayDdee said...

I love the Cowboys - Cowboys will ride it all the way!!!