Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We had some shuffling going on this week in the Power Rankings and we know for sure we will have movement after this week's games. The biggest surprise may be the San Diego Chargers at 3-3 jumping in at #10. But they seem like they are starting to put everything together and when they get moving, they are hard to stop. This weeks big game is the Monday Nighter with Indy visiting Jacksonville on ESPN. Look for my picks on Monday!! I know some aren't believers in the Packers, but until they show me something horrible, I am still putting them up top (with a bye this week they should remain high in the top 10).

10. San Diego Chargers - Last year they started out fast and finished bad, this year...looking like they are trying to reverse their fortunes and finish better than they started.
9. NY Giants - Good game against Atlanta following a good game against the Eagles. Looks like they are starting to come together. MNF reported Coach Tom Coughlin has tried changing things up including meeting with "Leadership Council" from the team to be able to air concerns. Looks like its working!
8. Baltimore Ravens - um....yea...they are 4-2. Not really sure about this team. Game against Buffalo after the Bills off week should tell us all we need to know....oh Kyle Boller starts this week...yawn...
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - In a topsy turvy NFC, the Bucs look as good as any to take the top spot and run with it. Big three games coming up on their schedule and could bump their record up to 7-2.
6. Dallas Cowboys - They didn't lose, they got BEAT by the Patriots. Until we know how bad the Patriots beat everyone else, this isn't that bad, and hey, different conference.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - This Monday will tell us if they belong in the top 5.
4. Green Bay Packers - I still believe...should I sing?? I have bought this story hook, line, and sinker. Brett Favre looks have his age out there.
3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Last time they went on the road, they lost. Now two road games in a row, including Sunday Night against the Broncos. They have to win convincingly in order to continue being an "elite" team.
2. Indianapolis Colts - Still one of the top teams and we will see what they are made of on the road against Jacksonville. For right now they hold onto and have earned the #2 spot.
1. New England Patriots - I know...hard choice. Their game Sunday against the Cowboys should be given to every person looking to become US Citizen's.


Music and Sports said...

Not a bad top 10 list although I'd have to leave Dallas as the #1 NFC team (ranked 3rd for Power Rankings). Green Bay is great and a lot of people have been ranking them way too low after their one loss, but the Cowboys only lost one game and it was to the Patriots. Packers too have only one loss, but it was to the struggeling Bears. Sure you can argue the Bills game as a point to put Packers ahead, but the reason the Cowboys were able to turn around their horrific performance is because of how good they are. I can't see Favre throwing for 5 interceptions and winning that game even against Buffalo. By the way I'm a Giants fan.

Stump said...

I like your points, I problem I have with Dallas is their offense sucked against the Bills and their defense sucked against the Patriots. Very Jeckyl and Hyde in back to back weeks...The great thing is, they can prove me wrong and move up...or down...just like your Giants...they weren't even in the discussion last week!