Saturday, October 13, 2007


( team practicing, courtesy of the Post-Standard)

Midnight Madness started the season last night. It wasn't like the old days when it actually started at midnight. The NCAA told teams they can start at 7pm local time, so college students could study and wouldn't be out so late. 7pm is perfect, start the party early then be able to leave & party a lot more! The NCAA was using their collective heads again. Anyway, ESPNU covered a lot of the festivities and its nice to have the excitement of hoops back. ESPN's Jay Bilas released hi top 5 last night. He has , , , , . I personally can't wait for the Syracuse Orange to take the floor. A lot of people are comparing their recruiting class to the Fab Five at Michigan. They have a lot to prove after missing the NCAA's last year. Who's your favorite men's hoop team? How do you think they are going to fair?

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