Tuesday, October 30, 2007



10. Detroit Lions - The Lions look like a playoff team. Did I really just type that?! Everything seems to be going the Lions way, and I for once can't wait to watch them play on Thanksgiving!
9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Rebounded nicely after loss to the Colts. One of those teams that you wouldn't want to face in the first or second round of the playoffs.
8. Tennessee Titans - The Titans just keep winning and just like the Jaguars, they aren't a team you would want to face in the playoffs. Look for Vince Young to get healthier and keep on winning.
7. San Diego Chargers - Can you hear that? Thats the sound of the locomotive known as the Chargers coming down the track...and are car is stuck on the rails...careful, they are going to get you...
6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Look, I am an unabashed Steelers fan, but a thumping of the Bengals is not impressive. Lets see how they perform against the Ravens, even the old guys should put up more of a fight then the Bengals Defense.
5. NY Giants - Did anyone want to hurt themselves after watching them beat the Dolphins? The rain, the fans with jacked teeth, the huge passing games? Make it stop. I was curled up on my futon in the fetal position with the shakes at the end of that game.
4. Green Bay Packers - One loss and an "easy" schedule looking ahead. Brett Favre's legend grows and we are watching history. He will lead this team to the playoffs.
3. Dallas Cowboys - I expect the Cowboys to start where they left off before their bye week. Tony Romo has a new deal, Terrell Owens has made too much noise...yet.
1.(TIE) Indianapolis Colts - An impressive game against the Panthers on Sunday when they could have had a let down. That earns them a tie for this week. They may be the better team, right!? We will find out...until then...they are both #1!
1.(TIE) New England Patriots - Just like the comes down to Sunday...they have earned #1 so far, but play the best defense they have faced. Not sure who I like in this...check back Saturday for the picks.

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