Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Upsets Litter College Football's Top 25

This year a top 25 ranking put a target squarely on the back of all teams. The shake up continued today and tonight. The week started Thursday and hasn't let up today and tonight 4 games of top 25 teams are continuing with upsets still possible in all 4 including LSU losing right now to Auburn. We will have the new BCS numbers as soon as they come out, so bookmark our page and come back looking for the BCS Top 25.

I believe that this will lead to a playoff system. Read the following article I posted on earlier today.

In year's past, the fact that an odd number of teams had undefeated records going into the Bowl Games brought up controversy, upset fans, and people calling for a playoff system. Usually it was because there were undefeated national powers and an undefeated Mid-Major or a one loss national power. This year, we have a unique situation occuring. Few undefeated teams and the one national power that is undefeated, Ohio State, isn't the national power of years past and hasn't been tested until today.
We will have a number of quality one and two loss national powers that will be making noise for not making the national title game. This may be just what those of us need to have a playoff system implemented. The more schools affected by being excluded will do more to get those schools' presidents on board and start talking to the right people to make it all happen. Wouldn't you want to see a LSU vs. Rutgers in the first round of a playoff? Or Ohio State vs. Va. Tech? Or Cal vs. Missouri? This what we want, so let parity reign and bring on a playoff system.

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