Wednesday, October 17, 2007


According to the movie playing out in my head, I see the delay in making a decision about Joe as a positive for Torre and his supporters. I believe they are making every effort to put together a plan that would allow Torre to retire and remain a Yankee forever, while looking to the future of the organization as well. Look for Joe Girardi to take an active role on the Yankee bench so the Yankee brass can see who the players begin to relate to, either Girardi or Don Mattingly. Today, GM Brian Cashman made this statement while leaving the Yankee's compound in Tampa. "We hold Joe Torre in the highest regard and obviously that's why we are taking the time, and this process is in place to decide what's best moving forward," he said.

In regards to Alex Rodriguez, I believe he may be waiting to see what happens with Joe Torre, but will most likely leave no matter what. There are too many "greener pastures" out there and he is a money cow. Cashman told reporters today that the Yankee's stance on A-Rod remains the same. "If Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract, we will not participate in his free agency. That is accurate and that is definitive." Are you sure about that? Don't beat around the bush! What are you really trying to say to us? WOW! Accurate and definitive. Is that like certain college coaches saying they are not interested in positions before eventually taking said position? Not here, not with the . There is no way I see A-Rod's agent Scott Boras settling for the current contract structure, no way no how.

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