Thursday, October 18, 2007


In a backhanded contract offer to manager , the and George Steinbrenner offered Torre a one year contract at $5million with incentives that would push it to $8million with a World Series appearance. Torre rejected the offer, based on....? It was a crappy deal, for him. Look, as a Yankee fan, its all about the big games and Torre knew that when he took the job. The Yankees haven't been back to the World Series since 2004 and haven't won since 2000. In the Yankees world of big salaries and superstar players, that isn't acceptable. World Series appearances are what pays those big bills and the sharing of money with all other teams in the MLB. With the number of young players coming up through the system, number of free agents, and the new stadium opening in 2009 this was the right time and the right offer. I liked Torre as a manager, but I liked Buck Showalter too. The fact remains when the playoffs came around you couldn't count on the players showing up, and thats the managers fault. Will I miss Joe Torre? Yes, but only until the new manager starts winning.


HeaT said...

You know I hate the Yankees. Can't stand them. But I have to say that George Steinbrenner is making a big, big mistake in letting JOE TORRE leave. That offer they presented to Joe was an insult. I would have taken it, lol 5mil. But seriously, I hate Torre cause he did a good good with the Yankees, his last 5 years wasn't the greatest but they did still go to the playoffs.

Stump said...

I hope they choose to honor him in some great way down the road, maybe retire #6? Joe Torre day in the Bronx? He at least deserves that.