Monday, October 29, 2007


As all of us know, Alex Rodriguez chose not to attend Game 4 of the World Series to receive the Hank Aaron award but chose rather to announce that he wouldn't be back with the Yankees next year. Here are some of my thoughts...I remember supporting A-Rod when I attended a game toward the end of 2006 when he was going thru his funk at the plate. I told my then 10 year old son that we don't boo him, we cheer him and make sure he knows that fans have his back. Now is my chance to boo him. I wanted him to do well with the Yankees, to stay with them over the next 10 years, break the home run record with them, have the new stadium be called the "House that A-Rod Built", have a monument in the new ballpark, show up at Old-Timer's Day, and be a Yankee legend forever. Now that the blanket is pulled off my eyes I see him for a money-hungry, self-motivated, "me first", excuse for a team player. I am glad he is gone. He hasn't performed in the biggest games, though to be fair he kept the Yankees in it this season especially early. He disappeared during the playoffs. I hope the only time he will be brought up during a World Series celebration was last night. He could've been a legend with THE YANKEES!! For all of us that grew up dreaming of being the next superstar for our beloved team, this stuns us. Good bye A-Rod. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

Oh...almost forgot. I have said all along that Joe Girardi is the right choice for the Yankees...glad that Brian Cashman was reading!! Go Yankees!

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